irl my name is Kenny
Just figured I'd let you all know? :P

That really messed with my Aussie gf :P

For some time she thought that I was "Kenny" here on Sectual, and she thought I was a total lunatic LOL

It turns out that we have exact same views on certain things, and perhaps we have kind of a similar type of sense of humor.

We had both used Sectual and ICOM at the time my gf freaked out about that.

I just want to make the record clear that I am not the "Kenny" here on Sectual :D
In real life my name is Buckwheat.
Hey if you are striking out with the ladies maybe time to become a switch hitter or even practise dressing in womens cloths like me
Will the real Kenny please stand up?

(10-11-2019, 06:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Will the real Kenny please stand up?

He can have it.

Kenny is my slave name :)

(posts Billy Idol he's never heard before)

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