Katie Carney
Man... where do I even begin about this chick??


I thought her videos were really good (excluding a lot of the earlier ones that had stupid music overlaying the whole video) and I thought she was really likable. I would say I've probably watched most of her videos, aside from the shorter ones.

But over time, some pretty unlikable qualities became evident. And now I'm just downright offended by what she's doing.

In short... Katie is a manipulator. And a user. I hate having to say that, and I really didn't wanna make this thread... but it's all piling up and honestly? I feel like somebody NEEDS to say something about this.

The complaints I've heard about her from other people mostly involve the whole mental health aspect. Katie says she has mental health problems, but then always follows it up by saying she's never "shared her diagnoses" and she never gives any clarity about it. Eventually, the regular viewer tends to find that Katie makes a lot of videos talking about her mental health, but insists she "doesn't want sympathy"... this isn't really my qualm with Katie, but I do understand where these people are coming from.

Then there are others who refer to her "serial returning" of items she's purchased as some sort of mental problem too. Indeed, if you watch her videos enough, she does often speak of returning things. Again, this is something I really don't care about... it's a tad obnoxious, but. I mean as long as you keep the item in nearly perfect condition, then what does it matter if you return it? That's how I feel about it. Returning things is always a hassle though and I certainly can't relate to wanting to do it a lot.

Another argument I hear about Katie is that she goes around "meeting with" various dudes all over the country in order to get free dinners and stay at their places and stuff. While this point does tie in to my serious issue with Katie on some levels... I don't really care about this either. The most cringey part about that (to me) is that it seems like she meets a lot of these people on apps like Tinder. And we all know Tinder is for sex hookups. Katie claims to be a Christian and mentions Jesus at the end of every video... which I really like. But I should hope she's not going around giving the ass to a bunch of random dudes if she's gonna bring Jesus into everything. That'd just be awkward.

Nah, my issue with Katie is this...

She cucks men. 

Now listen, it takes two to tango when it comes to cuckery.

Without dudes who are willing to be cucked, no cucking would go on.

But I still think what she does is morally wrong.

Hey maybe she has an agreement with these dudes... some kind of twisted sadomasochistic cucking arrangement. But my guess is no, there isn't an arrangement... this is just what she does.

So Katie is friends with Dave Lagana, the Nashville based vice president of the National Wrestling Alliance. Katie claims that they "met" when Dave contacted HER, stating that he enjoys her videos. That was circa August 2018.

Ever since then, Katie has been cucking the living piss out of Dave. She goes and lives at his apartment for months at a time, and apparently there is nothing romantic between them. Yet, it couldn't be any more obvious that Dave is painfully in love with Katie...

And what is Katie doing?? Well, she's living under Dave's roof, accepting his love, accepting his friendship, and all the while she's DROOLING OVER ANOTHER GUY EVERY SINGLE DAY...

It's this dude named Brett, he's a "metro country" singer who plays at Nashville bars. Metro country is a genre of "music" that isn't ACTUALLY country and just features whiney, bizarre vocals which vaguely attempt to "be country" on some superficial, stereotypical level that has zero to do with actual country music.

Most of Katie's drama takes place on Instagram, and 90% of it is in the form of Instagram 'stories' which of course disappear after a certain amount of time, providing some security for her. 

By day, Katie films little snippets she posts as IG stories, and they're about how she's sick (she always mentions bronchitis) "because Nashville" (apparently she suggests it's locale based). So she's hanging out in Dave's apartment on the couch talking about how she's sick.

By night, Katie films snippets of her beloved Brett singing his metro country music in random Nashville bars, because apparently she's feeling well enough magically at the end of the day to head out on the town and publicly drool over her "famous country singer" friend...

Yes, Katie Carney is a fame chaser.

Here's another recent example of her bragging because she knows somebody who's famous...


This is a video from when she used her friend Dave Lagana to get access to the NWA's Atlanta studio filmings.

In the same video at 6:46, she acts all starstruck and whatnot because she was tasked to fetch Billy Corgan (president of the NWA, lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins) some water.


So about Katie...

She's into leader singers in bands. It doesn't matter if it's a GOOD band, it doesn't matter how famous the band really is or isn't. No sirree bobtail cat... Katie doesn't care, as long as you're the lead singer in a band, it's all good. She's talked about dating them before, she always seems to be chasing one, etc.

What do I see here? I see that Dave discovered Katie's videos, probably developed a crush on her, reached out to her on IG DM and of course she replied because he's "famous"... then they started talking, and she realized she had an amazing opportunity to get close to someone who has access to other "famous" people. So she played up their connection as much as she possibly could, ultimately publicly deeming Dave her "best" friend.

As an aside, who over the age of 21 has a "best" friend?? It's a very sophomoric concept. But I digress.

So Katie hangs around Dave's apartment all day, all the while complaining that Nashville makes her sick (here's an idea, LEAVE?) and then at night, she takes to the streets of Nashville's music scene with her metro friend Brett who she thirstily chases. As another aside, looks like Brett is cucking HER. He has nooo intention of actually being in a relationship with her... the cucker gets cucked? Poetic justice? Meh, well, I personally don't think it's justice enough.

I think that Dave needs to wake the fuck up and see what's going on, and he needs to STOP allowing Katie to use him. He needs to get a grip and get this user out of his life. If Katie isn't smart enough to see Dave as a great choice for a boyfriend and partner, then she sucks. Dave has a great personality, he's good looking enough... that should be enough for Katie, but it's not. She's got her sights set on higher goals than Dave... he is just a stepping stone for her.

Hell, the other day on Instagram she posted a story where her and this Brett guy were sitting around in Dave's apartment while he probably wasn't even there... um, that is FUCKED up. Pretty sure it was Dave's apartment, the countertops looked like the ones from this video: https://youtu.be/yi5UHBBq-U8?t=318 Dave needs to stop allowing himself to get stepped all over in such a public manner... it makes him appear weak, and that is BAD for business. Any exposed weakness (no matter how it's revealed) is something that can be used by one's enemies to wreak havoc in one's life.

In closing I'd like to say...

Hey you know what, good for Katie. If she's able to get men to cuck themselves over her and give her free dinner and a place to live, that's great for her. I'm glad she's able to go through life with that kind of enjoyment and ease... cuz I assume she does enjoy this strange exchange that she has with these men who are just willing to be cucks for her.

It's a sort of perversion of what I see as nature's role for men and women, but... whatever. Maybe I'm wrong... maybe it's perfectly natural. Maybe only people who manipulate other people are "doing it right" and maybe they're the ones who get rewarded in this world, while people who try to live by some kind of moral code don't get a fucking thing.

Maybe that's just the way of nature... maybe Katie is a perfect example of "doing it right". But in my opinion, she's a famechasing manipulative user who can go on doing what she does, I mean who cares? However, her cuck victims (like Dave) are the ones who need to stop what they're doing, get a damn clue, and end the victimization.
Quote:The Truth Will Set You Free,
But First It Will Piss You Off
she talks so damn much I was happy when she started ramming food in her mouth
This is a 2010 blog post Katie wrote...


Wherein she questions why people who do good never seem to get rewarded in THIS life...

The same question I ask.

So at some point, maybe Katie just decided to go ahead and start manipulating people in an effort to get ahead in life.

I'm not saying Katie's evil or some shit, LMAO, there are a lot worse fuckers than her running around out there.

But perhaps she was tired of never being rewarded for having morals etc. and she decided, fuck it, I want my rewards in THIS life...

And the only way to do that appears to be stepping all over people on your climb to the top.

Anybody wanna argue that point?? Does anybody have any examples of people getting anywhere in life without being total douchebags??


I can't think of any.
I think Katie is trying to get this Brett guy to let her move in with him...

She may be finished using Dave. Maybe those IG stories with the countertops were at Brett's own apartment.

So she was at Brett's apartment at midnight, if these aren't Dave's countertops...

(11-06-2019, 03:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Pretty sure it was Dave's apartment, the countertops looked like the ones from this video: https://youtu.be/yi5UHBBq-U8?t=318

Kinda looks like 'em, kinda doesn't.

I can't imagine Dave just letting her and this random Brett guy hang out at his apartment.

If every nice-ish apartment in Nashville has those same dismal countertops, that's kinda sad.

Dave doesn't follow Brett on Instagram, I doubt they're friends.
According to Dave's Instagram, he's actually been in Cali with Corgan on his solo music tour...

So Dave isn't even THERE.

Surely Brett and Katie aren't just hanging out at Dave's apartment while he's gone, eating wieners and fucking all over the furniture??

I bet they really are there though... well, except for when they go out on the town together every single night.

Katie's mentioned in past vids that Dave sometimes has another roommate... maybe the other roommate is Brett? I seriously doubt it. Guess it's possible but I'm guessing nah.

I bet they're legitimately just hanging out at his apartment while he's gone.

Unless Dave is like super hella gay, there's just no excuse for this shit.


So it's NOT Dave's apartment...

They're at Brett's apartment and the dismal color of the countertops is just a coincidence.

This is the one in Dave's apartment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi5UHBBq-U8&feature=youtu.be&t=318

The stove proves it's not Dave's apartment: https://i.imgur.com/itB8VHY.png

So I mean, it's good that Katie is at least not brazen enough to bring boytoy #2 over to Dave's apartment when he isn't home.

This means that now Katie is living with Brett. She definitely hooked onto that one, she seems to follow them to their gigs and all that kinda shit until they cave and be with her. Wonder how many musicians she's dated at this point.

Look at all the junk food they're eating...

I know I eat some ridiculous shit, but...

I feel like a responsible relationship would involve home cooked meals and some level of domestic skill being peacocked around.

But these two aren't very mature adults, they were acting like total idiots at 0:40 when they went into Target. That's behavior you expect out of teenagers and YOUNG adults, not grownass people. That sorta immature obnoxious behavior is disrespectful and makes other people uncomfortable. There's a difference between having fun and just being idiots. And the part at 4:40 where Katie pulls that razor display and it looks like it's gonna break... not cute at all. I can't stand it when people do stupid shit like that.

13:05 that pizza looks like pure heartburn. They should have just ordered a pizza.

13:15 they look like they're really suited for each other, but I wouldn't be able to deal with it... they're just too annoying. Like, he's less annoying but he humors her.

They're definitely living together and they're definitely a 'thing', the only question is how long it'll last. I think this would be the most public relationship she's had so far though.
Another important thing to note about Katie is that she's a Leo, and Leos are notoriously fickle... which is the nicest thing I'll say about them.

They're wonderful, most certainly, just not good for personal romantic relationships.
You wouldn't think Dave would want to bother with Katie again in the future since she's been cucking the piss out him since they first met, and she ditched him for some other dude right in his own neighborhood. She was still calling Dave her "best friend" in the comments of this vid, her newest video. So unless Dave is MEGA gay, there is NO excuse for him to let her use him in the future. I don't think Dave is hella gay, I think it was pretty clear he had feelings for her. For the love of all things sacred, stop being cucks.
Choosing this... "musician" over Dave?? I mean, again, unless Dave likes dudes... there's just no excuse. Katie clearly has fucking horrible taste in males. Dave was the best quality one she's hung around with so far and he definitely likes (liked?) her better than the others do... better than this Brett dude does. I'm sure he digs her or whatever at this point, but not as much as Dave. Alas, it proves the point yet again... when you want somebody, they never want you.

If Katie has a dude on the line, why THE HELL is she making a video like this??

She always does this and scares the shit out of whatever dude she's dating...


You fricken CANNOT do this...

It's not about "stigmatizing mental illness" either...


A manipulative person should UNDERSTAND this principle.

They should understand the idea that PSYCHOLOGICALLY people don't want to hear this kinda stuff, especially if it's directed at them/their situation WITH YOU.

Like the Brett guy...

If he sees this, he'll interpret that she's talking about not feeling worthy to be with him...

Which, LMFAOOO... she's TOTALLY worthy of being with him. He's... just some guy.

But he's going to think this is about him and he's going to feel backed into a corner like he needs to say something or do something to "prove" himself to her, and that's wrong.

You can't put people on the spot like that (at least not more than a couple times, total) and expect them to just stick with you.



I don't even know how people FUNCTION AND GET THROUGH LIFE.


They hide it, they go through life, and they make it anyways.

They get husbands/wives, they have families, they do the career thing...

EVERYONE feels this way.

Maybe a few super happy people out there are just like... abnormally positive, LMAO.

But otherwise? Everyone struggles.

If you start getting into something good, you have to stuff the thoughts and proceed into that situation AS IF NOTHING IS WRONG.

Because in REALITY, and from other peoples' perception (of you and their situation with you) there IS NOTHING WRONG.

So it makes you look like a fricken psycho when you behave and talk like there's something wrong.

People are RIGHT to run from that... you can't have a healthy life (with healthy relationships) if you don't see reality for WHAT IT IS, and that includes taking in other peoples' perspectives of reality...

You HAVE TO DO THAT if you're in a relationship with someone, that's PART OF IT.
And not only that but...

15:55 hearing her say shit like this makes whoever she's dating FEEL LIKE SHIT.

Oh so you haven't been happy with me this whole time??

Oh so you weren't ACTUALLY happy like you SEEMED when we were hanging out the other day??

It makes people feel like their efforts are TOTALLY IN VAIN and that their involvement with you BRINGS YOUUU DOWN.

If you come off like you're sooooo fucking unhappy WITH them IN your life...

Then they're going to leave because they think obviously that will make you feel better.

It causes chaos and confusion in people's minds, with their feelings, with their decisions...

All I'm saying is, when you talk/behave this way and somebody runs off because of it, definitely don't blame them.

Fucking control yourself.
She's been on Instagram since she posted this video today posting a shit ton of stories...

She got a negative comment on the vid from somebody who told her that people have worse problems than she does and basically she needs to get some perspective. LOL. And they were right. But it triggered the shit out of her...

And halfway through this rant she goes "I WAS LEFT IN A HOUSE FIRE!"

I was like whooooa. That was a 'before and after' moment.

Like you see her one way before, and then after she says some shit and shows the true state of her inner landscape, it's like you REALLY see who she is.

She's talking about when she was a kid and her house caught on fire. Basically she slept through it and the fire dept. came and put it out without her even waking up. So it started downstairs or something, they put it out, and she woke up after it was all over and came downstairs... and everyone was basically standing in the kitchen talking.

Umm, if your fucking house BURNS DOWN, you're not gonna have a STAIRS to WALK DOWN and no one's gonna casually be standing around in the kitchen talking.

When your house BURNS DOWN there is NO HOUSE LEFT. There's a shell of a house, or a pile of rubble.

There's no way she could have slept through a major fire because they would have been dumping thousands of gallons of water all over the house. It was a CONTAINED fire within the downstairs of the home, it got put out, and I'm sure they had to move since it doesn't take a lot of smoke to make a place unlivable. But saying her house "BURNT DOWN"?? Uhh that's bullshit.

And just like she's offended that people say SHE needs to get some perspective on how bad her own suffering really is, she needs to check herself and STOP OFFENDING PEOPLE WHOSE HOUSES ACTUALLY DID BURN THE FUCK DOWN! LOL! Hello?

So she's blaming IT ALL on being "left in" a burning house... when the fire was so minimal that nobody even figured they needed to wake her up and bother her over it. LET THAT SINK IN.

Crazytown. Fucking crazytown.

There are people out here who've found dead bodies, been raped, had their houses ACTUALLY burn down, had all kinds of fucked up shit happen to them...

And she's bitching about people putting a fire out in a room of her house and being nice enough not to disturb her sleep in the process? K. Right. Got it.
Katie needs PROFESSIONAL mental help... not some bullshit like "BetterHelp" where random people type words on a screen. Um no. She needs to SIT FACE TO FACE with an ACTUAL MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL and receive COUNSELING and THERAPY for an extended period of time... months or years. She needs to stop fucking around and get some REAL help. NOW.
Eugenia Cooney put on an 8 hour livestream recently to raise awareness about an amazing thing called the crisis text 'hotline' that anyone can text for mental support about any type of crisis, 24/7...

https://www.crisistextline.org or text 741741

And obviously there's also the suicide hotline...



Those can help her WHILE she's looking for/waiting to see face to face real life mental health professionals, and IN BETWEEN she can use these hotlines.

She needs to start using these ACTUAL RESOURCES and STOP spinning her wheels bitching to her audience and opening herself up to receive comments.

If it bothers her so much she needs to stop making vids (or at least disable comments/votes) and stop checking social media until she gets REAL LIFE HELP.
dude I would leave her in that burning house also , because she yaps about basically nothing and could you imagine trying to put out a big fire with her yattering behind you ...like grab a fucking bucket bitch

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