Naomi Roestel, one of the most badass models ever...
Here she is with some of her impossibly cool model friends...

She makes art too...

Cuz she's an unimaginable badass.

Of epic and biblical proportions.

Oh and she sings, how about THAT!?

It must be AWESOME to be that cool.
Very cute.

Dunno what you'd call her style...

Some kinda 90s retro stuff.

It's a niche, fairly popular.

She has her own brand that she sells vintage clothes under.

She's basically living the dream I always wanted to live.
The 2000s are weird, y'all.

I'm rollin' with it though.
Findin' my people.
It totally reminds me of Spooky Black though...

(11-15-2019, 12:21 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

The song in this video is fascinating...

Entrancing, haunting...

But in a beautiful way.

I wonder if that's her song?

I wouldn't know if it's a popular song in Vietnam...

Maybe it is.

But I wouldn't be surprised if it was her song.

Naomi is very special. I don't do Instagram anymore, or keep up with any new photos from her. But I do think of her sometimes, and it's usually when this hypnotic song pops into my head.

Angels walk among us and you'd almost never know.
Ah, re: the video's description:

Quote:Just a video of me and my bf testing out our new camera, and a new (barely a draft) demo, this is basically almost a day in my life tho

So it really is her song.

How special...

What a talented girl.
God it must be amazing to be that cool.

I know that sounds retarded and superficial but come on.

I wouldn't mind being them for a day just to see what it feels like to live in that essence.

Just for a day though. I'm pretty cool too...

This is her boyfriend WEAN...

2:10 awwwe, dammit, I WANNA BE A KOOL-KID ASIAN SUPERMODEL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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