So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
(04-09-2017, 09:44 PM)MO Wrote: But in the same token it's like...

Even chicks who are 30+- and dating 40+- dudes seem like they get bored as fuck and feel stifled. This is after at least a few years of dating mind you.

It's like dudes hit this point past 40 and they suddenly become... like old men and they need naps and shit.

I mean they're still hot as fuck but it's like... there's a certain change that happens that seems to automatically repel the younger chicks (like chicks under 35) who have been in a relationship with them for a while.

So say a chick dates a dude from the time she's 25 to the time she's 30, and there's a 15 year age difference between them...

Suddenly when he gets to that point past 40, it's like... the dynamic changes and she's not really that into him anymore.

Especially if they're not having kids together... 

It's as if this change takes place, and they miss the window of opportunity in their relationship to effectively reproduce, so the chick automatically loses interest.

And the guy's like a total old man mentality at this point, he's probably been through like 50 chicks and doesn't even care anymore. Like he just thinks that young people are idiots and such, idiots gonna idiot, but at least she is/was hot.

I'm just observing this couple livestreaming on YouTube as I type this. In case you were wondering where the fuck this is coming from.

A woman's brain doesn't normalize until they are 25. I'm 53, my ex is 25. Our marriage was like Camelot, until the YouTube trolls decided to get involved. Now I got 3 kids, but the trolls are trying to take them away from me as well, calling CPS all the time. But, if I had a female in the home again (that wasn't batshit insane) everything would stabilize, I think. I'm 53, but alot of times I feel 20......
OMG, Von... Andrea left??

I have to admit I haven't checked in on your videos regularly for a while now.

It was just kinda hard to watch the trolls mess with you all the time in a constant battle.

Excuse me for my ignorance.

Really sad to hear about it, I know you guys had some problems, but I didn't ever figure she'd actually leave and stay gone...

They usually come back.

But yes, I completely agree with you about the age 25 being pretty monumental for a woman... it seems to really 'set' at that point, your interests and your tendencies are engrained at that point and you're going to keep going in that direction. So it seems.



Ahaha, I fucking CANNOT EVEN, I CANNOT.


What the FUCK?!


They're crazy as shit...

Ahahaha, OMG. 

I love them. WHAT THE FUCK, LOL.

The channeling is just so...

She's nowhere near as moving and resonant as Bashar is. But mostly what she says is true. It's just... 

I dunno, kinda strange to deliver it in the guise of 'channeling'. Why can't people just plainly speak the truths?

It's funny how he sits there stonewalling while she is saying this stuff. 

WTF he's like stroking his eyebrows. LOL.


I wonder if they took a bunch of drugs before doing this.

Probably not, that's what's slightly disturbing about this.


But really though... I dig it. I mean this dude is lucky as shit to have this hotass little psycho bitch to sink it into at the end of the day. I wonder if I too would put up with and coddle the crazy if I were in his position.

He kind of looks like my grandpa.
*obscene hand gestures*

I'm hot for this chick.
He's pretty cute too.

I'd get together with these two and have a smoothie or something fruity like that.

Should I try to save face and not call her psycho or bitch anymore?

Is it too late for that?

OMG you guys call me!
(04-11-2017, 07:13 PM)MO Wrote: I'm kinda terrible in relationships, I'm kinda terrible sexually... I'm extremely lazy, I'm unwilling to be all that affectionate. I just don't feel it and I won't fake things in life. I just don't believe in that.

I just feel like I'm totally screwed in this aspect, and it's just better to be alone.

are you sure you're actually terrible and unwilling, or is it possible you've just not met the right man that motivates you in these capacities?
It's certainly possible, Genba, considering how little sexual experience I've actually had.

At this juncture though, I'm more inclined to believe that it's me and I'm lazy.

Until I've had other experiences that prove different, I won't know for sure.
Look at this guy...

He's so stylish.

That is one sexy son of a bitch right there.

He's telling the fucking truth too.
This guy turns me the fuck on, I can't lie...

I can't even hide it.

You know what it really is about him??

He does a fucking mad Yoda impression...


Makes me wet as fuck.

As fuck.
He keeps talking about how he's gonna do a 'retreat' where freaked out indigo people can come and do the esoteric woo-woo thingy...

Man, if I keep talking shit, I'll never be able to even go incognito to one of these fruitloop retreats!


Should I stop talking shit, or save face so I can go to a "retreat"...


Should I delete this thread and pretend like it never happened!?


I need somewhere to talk about how aroused I am over this guy and his girlfriend.

I think honesty is the best policy in this situation.

After all, Arcturus Ra AKA Da Germ AKA Zyon is an Aquarius Monkey... ain't nobody got time for that.
yeah he has his cult but now he needs a base camp ,a compound where he can gather all his whores from across the land might have him every second friday if you show true devotion MO
(05-05-2017, 09:52 PM)Guest Wrote: you might have him every second friday if you show true devotion MO

Man that's a little too often for me!


Look at that guy, he's 48 years old.

He looks fucking amazing.

I am telling you...

Being an esoteric woo-woo fruitloop is the fountain of youth.

I am just trying to be immortal here buddy.
He even mentions Marduk and the Mardukins.

This fucking guy is one of ours man, I'm just claiming what's rightfully mine.
I mean ours.
He just called the world "a craftwork nexus" and a "prison planet"...

He's talking about doing classes to teach people about this and saying he's going to give 'master classes' so you don't have to take any more classes and can be a master yourself.


Oh myyy.

Oh my.

I'd love to baby.
I'm glad I decided to just be honest about how aroused I am.

*sigh of satisfaction*

It feels great.
Maybe you should try someone just a tad younger than you MO. I've dated old men, I mean super old men, some have even died on me but they don't make good fathers.

I married a man 2 years younger than me when we were both in our early 30's, enough time for me to get my last 2 babies out. I think the older our eggs, the more knowledge they get from their mother, remember those eggs are with you from the time of birth so all of your essence is in them. I did get my tubes tied at 37 so I think you know a good cut off age, plus after that age you just start to naturally dislike children because of the ones you already have. Not that they are assholes, I just want to be more selfish. But that all goes away on summer break and we have so much fun together.
I mean, I know old men are all hot and stuff because they are good in bed from all that experience but honestly one with less experience and maybe not so good in bed is so much better in everything else because his focus is on priorities, younger virginal man are like this. Plus they just want to pound the puss like savages, most times not knowing what they are doing is good and they aren't afraid to talk dirty about you, because their lack of experience and only experienced with you. It's really hot knowing that even though you don't get an orgasm all the time, he's still way more focused on you.
... double
(05-06-2017, 08:29 AM)Cream of Caulk Wrote: I think the older our eggs, the more knowledge they get from their mother, remember those eggs are with you from the time of birth so all of your essence is in them.

This is such a deep, beautifully wise post that I just want to cry.

True wisdom from A WOMAN who knows.

See you always hear people (especially men) preaching about the eggs "getting old", gotta get those babies out before you're 30...

But never once have I heard these people tap into any deep truth like you just did.

It's a common sense kind of truth... one that we naturally know deep inside but don't always remember. And we're not encouraged to remember it either.

But it's true... babies are a snapshot of their parents at that time, their recorded DNA coming together with all its knowledge and experience up to that point.

Profound... you really helped me with this, Creamy. And I agree with you about dating a younger man, it's something I've never done before.

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