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I used to dig the concept of relationships with older men...

But it's like...

Even chicks who are 30+- and dating 40+- dudes seem like they get bored as fuck and feel stifled. This is after at least a few years of dating mind you.

It's like dudes hit this point past 40 and they suddenly become... like old men and they need naps and shit.

I mean they're still hot as fuck but it's like... there's a certain change that happens that seems to automatically repel the younger chicks (like chicks under 35) who have been in a relationship with them for a while.

So say a chick dates a dude from the time she's 25 to the time she's 30, and there's a 15 year age difference between them...

Suddenly when he gets to that point past 40, it's like... the dynamic changes and she's not really that into him anymore.

Especially if they're not having kids together... 

It's as if this change takes place, and they miss the window of opportunity in their relationship to effectively reproduce, so the chick automatically loses interest.

And the guy's like a total old man mentality at this point, he's probably been through like 50 chicks and doesn't even care anymore. Like he just thinks that young people are idiots and such, idiots gonna idiot, but at least she is/was hot.

I'm just observing this couple livestreaming on YouTube as I type this. In case you were wondering where the fuck this is coming from.
The subject of this rant is a 31 year old woman (who looks and has the mentality of a 20 year old and I am not kidding at all) and she's dating this dude who's like 46 but also looks freakishly young.

I've been critical of this couple for a while now... it's a really weird as fuck situation and I don't really wanna expound on it right now cuz this was just kind of an on the fly random post, but. It's bizarre as shit.

I think relationships between younger women and older men can either be very beneficial (worldly knowledge and wisdom and other shit) or they can be detrimental, like keeping the mentality of the younger chick stunted. It's sad really. Dependency... older men often love to have younger chicks dependent on them, keep them dumbed down and limit their experiences.

That's why a lot of younger women get out of relationships with the older men then 'go crazy', either because they're enjoying what's left of their youth, or because they wasted too much time with the older dude and aren't young enough anymore.


Anyway there's not much more I can say about these two without going into more detail and I'm too tired for that.
I will just say that this couple are one of those Sedona, AZ fruitcakes.

And I love fruitcake.
I kinda wanna hang out with them, but they're into polyamory...

At least I think she was "allowed" to "date" other dudes whilst being with this guy. I don't know if he partook of other chicks or not. I got the notion that it was just her. Because she was bored.

And this guy is hot, like exceptionally hot as fuck for his age. I already think older dudes are hot though... so.

But anyways, I'd be afraid to hang out with them because I feel like they'd try to swing with me and that's awkward.
There are always all these dumb as fuck psychological elements to relationships... especially when it involves an age-gap so it seems.

I mean of course all relationships have dumb as fuck psychological elements. You know how I feel about that, relationshits are a waste of time basically, just a bunch of useless BS mind games.

Regardless, it's still interesting to watch people engaged in these relationships with these strange elements going.

You take a couple of 'star children' fruitloop motherfuckers like these 2, who are always talking about that esoteric shit that is just classic pure and total 'brain fried hippie' material... then you add in on top of that the entire shitshow of relationship dynamics. Wow...

It's just another amazing example of how down the rabbit hole twisted as fuck humanity truly is.

I think humans suck and this system they've set up here built on their desire to enslave one another is pure and total shit but at the same time...

These glorified animals are pretty damn fucking fascinating.

I mean I still think I'd rather be a gaseous being on Neptune or some shit, but as long as I'm here, I'll just have to get my kicks studying this bizarro human shit.
I'm watching this livestream on YouTube right now but this chick is actually streaming onto YouNow...

YouNow is like full of young teenage idiots and pervy old men, the same dynamic as you'd expect from any camming platform on the internet. Then there are weirdo chicks from YouTube who are like in their 20s and early 30s who go on there and try to get an audience.

So this chick is on there trying to get 'bars' or whatever kinda stupid shit perks you get from audience engagement so that she can get 'YouNow partner'. Facepalm. So she just wants attention... it's just her (and anyone else camming on that site) talking to the people typing in the chat. I don't like that kinda shit, like I'd never sit here and do that shit.

But anyway her older BF is just hanging out in the background playing a vidja game. They say shit to each other every now and then.

You can tell he's just thinking "Yeah, that's the younger chick I've been dating for years. She's just trying to supplement her boredom with me by getting attention on the internet. This relationship is a ticking timebomb! Glad I got that young sweet while I could though! *toggles game controller*"

And she's just hanging out bored as fuck with the relationship, but clinging on because you're never gonna find a hotter older dude than that, and they've been together for a while and it's super comfortable and he even lets her bang other dudes sometimes.

I really think these two just need to go ahead and reproduce. They'd make some great kids, they even kinda look alike... it was totes meant to be. He deserves it. I think he's fucked this chick's head up, so he should have to deal with the nightmare of reproducing and taking care of a family. Whilst being fruitlooped crazy as shit to the extreme hippies.
Sneaky psycho bastard probably got a vasectomy though.
Alright alright alright alright alright...

I can't resist.

I'll post who I'm talking about...

Teehee I did it. I did it.
LOL look at that Morpheus looking motherfucker though, you KNOW he's basically fashioned his life around that shit.

I'm kind of embarrassed I said he was super hot now that I've posted this, but let's be real, he looks pretty good for being over 45.

LOL, these two...

And just look at the body language in that video.


Apparently being a batty as fuck fruitcake fruitloop whacked out hippie keeps you young...

I'm on the right path!
He's crazier than she is and that's pretty crazy...

LOL, but he's just had more practice at it.

Hey I like these two, I'm not harping on them, it's whatever...

They're cool, it's fine.

I don't even disagree with the shit they say but...

I call 'em like I see 'em and those two are nuttier than squirrel shit.

I totes wanna hang out.
Do you think they'd hang out with me after reading this?


Haaai... Wave
I mean they are FUCKING crazy... ROFL.

She 'channels ETs' like Darryl "Bashar" Anka does...

Only like...

I don't trust her channeling at all I think she's full of shit up to her pretty lil eyeballs.

And that's not even to say I wouldn't agree with a lot of statements she makes whilst channeling.

I just think the whole 'channeling' thingy is a little dated and people just need to talk some shit normally rather than run with the shtick that it's coming from somewhere else.

Even Darryl (IMO) just made up the 'excuse' of channeling a higher being just to give himself some kind of “rational” (LOL) explanation for what the hell he's talking about. But I've never been "cringed" by anything I've ever witnessed out of Darryl/Bashar, whereas this chick's channeling is cringeville central.

AND AGAIN... I'm not harping on her by saying this, I think she's cute, I think a lot of what she says is totally valid and I'm not trying to discredit the fundamentals themselves but. Yeah it's...

Like I said, somebody who I think has been mentally held back by being in a relationship with an older man.
And not only that, but the dude has warped that little chick's mind...

Like she was already crazy as shit, they just gravitated toward each other because they both ended up in one of those whacked out hippie/starseed retreats I mentioned re: Sedona, and they got together from that.

But STILL...

I don't think being with him has really helped her mental state, I don't think it's given her an ounce of independent ability at all. And that's his fault and I guarantee he knows what he's doing.

HAVING SAID THAT, I don't dislike him either and he says stuff I totally agree with too. He's sooo narcissistic though, it's just easier to watch her.

WoW I can't believe I read all of this
You sir, deserve an award...

LoL. Thanks. That is quite a lot of info. Do you want fuck the two of them. I can't tell

I'm not gay at all so I wouldn't want to fuck her, but I'd totally hang out.

As far as he goes, meh I mean...

I don't really think of things in terms of 'wanting to fuck' somebody because I'm firmly against having to do any of the work.

So essentially the question is always would I let him fuck me? With this dude specifically, I think he's a good looking guy but at the end of the day, I wouldn't want to reproduce with him so I wouldn't want to engage in the sex with him either. I have another thread where I explain that the next dude I have sex with has to be the father of my children (whether we actually end up reproducing or not because I have 75% mixed feelings on that). It's the thought that counts... it's got to be someone whose children I WOULD have or would WANT to have. He's gotta be intelligent and not super crazy... sorry but, I need someone who isn't crazy or mentally ill so I can be balanced out.
Honestly, I thought you were pan sexual or whatever the term is. Are you ready to have a child? It's a huge responsibility
Nah I'm straight and to be honest... the idea of sex is a lot more fun than the action IMO.

I'm Mars/Venus in Aquarius... we love to talk about it, but we could live without doing it, ever.

Re: children, I have like 10 years left so if during that time I find someone ideal, then I might reproduce if there's not a world war going on and the future seems promising. Long way to go on that, so my time might come and go.

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