So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
(11-28-2019, 12:40 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

It's not really fair to compare since Archie is a pro with a pro past, but...

If he's making Krista's music for her, he needs to be a lil more generous with the shine.

And he needs to tell her where her strong points are...

It's hard to hear that kinda shit sometimes, but it is what it is.

Archie is the 'rapper' (lmao God I hate rap) and Krista is more like background kinda stuff, more zen meditative kinda shit than in your face rapping.

Archie made a bitchin' video I gotta fucking say, LOL, and I'm a harsh critic.

Definitely the best video and song of his entire career, he put his all into that and it shows.
And his lyrics make SENSE.
Meanwhile Krista's rapping about...

I dunno, I don't even know what the fuck she's rapping about, it makes literally no sense to me.

She needs to stick to chanting in different languages and shit. She's great at that.
She and Archie need to do a collab with her sing/chanting some weird shit in the background... maybe she can say a few words. They definitely need to have her in a video just because she's hot.
If I was Krista 30 years from now, I'd want to be remembered for my good looks.

She should do everything in her power to capture them in artful and aesthetic ways to preserve the memories.

If she's not gonna pump out some babychildren right now then the least she could do is spend her time cataloguing her beauty.

She should print it all out too... otherwise it'll probably just be lost. I wouldn't trust her to keep a good digital record, I mean does she even have an external hard drive? (Or two, or three?) Who knows... I'd be surprised if she kept good records.
Krista just posted a picture of one of her handmade dreamcatchers on Instagram...

It has a sculpted vagina in the middle of it.

They call it a "yoni" in the spiritual community.

It's a pussy.

Wonder how they'd react if somebody made a dreamcatcher with a sculpted dick in the middle? Patriarchy?

Good God, liberalism/feminism is sheer fucking mental disease.
I mean it's just plain fucking nasty.

Who would do shit like this?
yeah if I was her boyfriend and came home to that thing I would cringe but hide my distaste and the following days and weeks would be on the lookout for a different lady , I feel like its not a big step from vagina dreamcatchers to my Weiner getting chopped off
Why would you put a pussy in the middle of a dreamcatcher???

I just don't get it.

Isn't the idea to catch bad dreams/vibes in the "web" of the dreamcatcher to basically be neutralized/disposed of???

Where the FUCK does a pussy fit into that equation???


Bad dreams get STUCK IN THE PUSSY and good dreams come down the beads.


That's just brilliant as fuck on an energetic level, to send all the bad dreams and bad entities straight into the pussy...

I like Krista, but damn.
How could somebody NOT see this GLARING plot hole (pun low key intended) in the efficacy of these dreamcatchers??
(12-14-2019, 03:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: How could somebody NOT see this GLARING plot hole (pun low key intended) in the efficacy of these dreamcatchers??

Their vision is blocked.
It's a dreamsnatcher now.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

1:35 apparently Archie is gonna be talking about his national park/411 missing-esque experience... here's a thread about that topic:

Judging by the title I'm guessing he's gonna chock it up to Bigfoot or something? Dunno.

5:42 this is a really pretty filming setting.

9:14 - 9:50 I honestly fucking love Ra. He's funny, and he's so right. But I personally believe in tying your kids to yourself, on leashes and whatnot.
mo here is a good dress for when you go shopping at the mall and cruising for milf lezzies

Why would somebody refer to themselves as a "Slut" on purpose, for any reason??

It's not okay.

1:36 ugh God I can't handle this.

1:58 there are no benefits to having an open relationship...

Open relationships don't exist. You either want to be devoted to somebody or you don't.


If someone tells you they want an open relationship, they do not love you and they never will.

Have they ever loved you? Maybe at one time... but unfortunately, now they don't and you can't get it back.

That person clearly has a problem, and it's not YOUR problem, so don't make it your problem by staying with that person.

It's sad.
Back in the caveman days, "open relationships" might have been a thing... I have talked about this topic at length. But now things are way too complicated with humanity, things have progressed too much, and there are a lot of dangers associated with promiscuity now. It's a different world now, and this kind of shit just is not okay.

And as far as "progressive" shit goes, open relationships are not progressive... it's not evolution, it's devolution.

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