AHS Hotel: Sally was the best character on any season of American Horror Story...
Now I've extensively covered how I feel about American Horror Story...

"I had a nightmare that the next season of American Horror Story..."

"American Horror Story: Roanoke is banal dogshit."

"Well it's official, American Horror Story set to be pure shit from here on out..."

"My mom says the new season of American Horror Story (Cult) is pure and total shit..."

"AHS: Apocalypse"

And I want it to be known that I do not make this statement lightly...

Misty Day was an amazing character as well, definitely #2. 

But if there could be a tie, Sally and Misty would both be #1.

And hey maybe a tie IS warranted, after all, Misty is sort of the light, whereas Sally was definitely the dark.

So in a duality kinda way, I guess they can share the top spot for the best AHS character(s).

But Sally really was a fucking amazing character.

I literally cried during the scene where Sally joins the internet...

Like yeah, it was depicting social media, which is sheer disease...

But it really hit me right in the feels because the internet really does save people from a lot of loneliness. It provides a safe way to reach out intellectually and have fun without all the messy, nasty aspects that come along with people in the physical.

Sally got what she deserved.

Hotel was probably the best season of AHS.

Murder House was the best for nostalgia's sake, but Hotel was probably the best over all.

They'll never top it, they should just end the show.

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