The Wuhan Coronavirus
I also saw someone mention that this is the Chinese "Year of the Rat".
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Yeah it is.

I may share my personal theory about the coronavirus in the future, but not at this time...

It involves some ideas that I haven't used in this format before.
People in the comments of that video are talking about the Chinese New Year and how people from all over the world are there for the festivities, then will be returning home and bringing it to every corner of the globe.
Check out this article, re: the first US case in Washington state...

It says that the hospital stepped up its protocol for treating highly infectious diseases "about two weeks ago."

The level of serious that shit has to get to for China to shut down like that??

Nothing to dismiss lightly.
Hand to eye coordination is severely affecting sufferers’ ability to cope with such daily tasks as wiping the butt, typing, opening the door etc. Please be careful. Gong Xi Fat Cai!

1:38 she begins addressing the coronavirus.

2:50 "worldwide global unified flu vaccine".

3:15 she addresses the Wuhan contagion lab.

4:45 Wuhan airport and all other transport closed.

6:20 US airport screening stepping up, more cities screening.

14:10 "active surveillance" of everyone who has been exposed, as well as all their contacts. FitBit can warn Google when you have the flu and they are taking over such applications to monitor.

16:00 if you successfully fight off the virus, you would have antibodies which can still be detected with their tech and therefore they could declare you a carrier.

18:06 she gives her personal opinion that she thinks it's test run for a global lockdown on travel and quarantine.

2:00 she begins addressing the coronavirus.

5:07 more proof that they've recently been planning for this. John Hopkins, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation... all the usual suspects.

8:55 she's right.

10:10 they're saying they need to control the internet/information to stop the spread of the truth/news. China's already doing it.
This reminds me of Clif High's Webbot prediction, the "sun sickness"...

Corona = sun...

(11-25-2018, 05:55 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

47:45 he addresses what is referred to as "sun disease".

Just saying.


It's crazy how fast this shit has spread.
Doctor dead from virus at Hubei Hospital/Wuhan...
So not good.

A lot of people are harping on The Donald for appearing calm at this time...


He ain't calm, trust me.

He's just very good at controlling his demeanor.
So like around 600k people die of regular flu every year. A good natural flu prevention is vigorous exercise, the increased body temp. is enough to kill most virus

Coughing blood? A coronavirus? Really? Sounds like a little more than a coronavirus "flu" to me.

(01-24-2020, 10:06 PM)Guest Wrote: A good natural flu prevention is vigorous exercise, the increased body temp. is enough to kill most virus

Interesting, thanks.
Quote:114 passengers from Wuhan on a flight from Singapore to China are now in quarantine at an airport hotel after the other 2 passengers from Wuhan got a fever and went to the hospital
So it's in Australia...
Quote:Which will be the first country to block all people entering from China?

Good question...

I vote USA.
Quote:Reminder: China pretty much let the entire country travel on crowded trains, planes, buses, etc. during their biggest travel week of the year for most of this week
Beijing and Shanghai closing soon.

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