The Wuhan Coronavirus
Whether it's real or not, hysteria absolutely is incoming.

Their M. O. (forgive the pun) is always to hype up fear, release talks of a vaccine, scare everybody into lining up for the vaccine.

If this is just more of their typical gamez, we'll see the worst panic we've ever seen over one of these pandemic situations, and we'll see talks of a vaccine and even the 'woke' fuckers out there won't be able to line up fast enough to get it.

Speaking of escalation, their gamez do tend to get more and more intense over time...

I'm not saying that's not what this is...

But if Aunt Mary's friend's sister's neighbor drops from it? Then I guess it doesn't really matter if "they" started it or not, it's real at that point and all the necessary measures will have to be put in place by individuals at that point regardless of how it all began.
Quote:the coronavirus is contagious even when *no symptoms*: specifically: “crucial to isolate patients... quarantine contacts as early as possible because asymptomatic infection appears possible”!
If that's not the makings for total fucking hysteria on a global level, I dunno what is...




Of course.
Before I did what I do now, I worked in water treatment.
Selling the substrate that is used for residential purification.

Even with all the Flint Michigan fiasco things....we are about a century ahead of provincial China in residential water treatment.

In lots of Asia, people wash their hands in filthy badly treated water...if they wash their hands at all.

My prediction is: all smoke no fire.
If it maintains that replication rate in first world conditions...yeah, scary.
It probably won’t though.
What I'm saying is...

Total hysteria and panic does not equate to a true threat.

Actual proof of mortality means a true threat.

It could go either way at this point, and I'm not currently convinced in either direction.
(01-25-2020, 12:52 AM)Guest Wrote: If it maintains that replication rate in first world conditions...yeah, scary.
It probably won’t though.

I'm with you on your assessment at this point.
But the potential for loss of life in those densely populated Asian countries is pretty dire.
Quote:We just had a Chinese short term rental guest cancel a reservation saying that his compound in Shanghai has been quarantined. He says that hundreds of thousands of people are infected and hundreds believed dead.
Quote:Smart Shanghai People

Withdraw your money from Shanghai Stock Exchange and all Chinese Banks, please

Shanghai 'rush' and capital outflow
We must

All China Hell Breaks Loose


Hysteria? What hysteria!?

Quote:I’m talking to this rich ass man from Shanghai ... I KNOW he boutta fly me out

Ahahaha holy fuck...

Perusing Twitter during times of catastrophe is always a very unique experience.
Quote:The three virus patients in Malaysia are all related to a Chinese man who was detected with the virus in Singapore

Rate of transmission is huge.
Quote:#BREAKING China imposes travel ban on more cities, restricting 56 million people

Quote:#BREAKING China orders nationwide measures to detect virus on flights, trains, buses

Total lockdown within days, hell that may be a generous forecast.
Quote:Two years before the outbreak of deadly #coronavirus that has so far killed 25 people in China, scientists spoke of their fears about a new laboratory being built to study some of the world’s most dangerous viruses.

The laboratory was built in #Wuhan...
Quote:Wuhan just announced it will build another #WuhanCoronavirus specialized hospital named “mountain of the thunder god” to add another 1300 beds in two weeks.

What the fuck is going on here?
Quote:China physically blocking the road to prevent spread of #coronarovirus. On the border btw Jingzhou and Yichang in Hubei province. Provincial capital Wuhan already under lockdown.
Quote:A virologist in #Wuhan reports the government there has become paralyzed and has lost the ability to fight the coronavirus outbreak. This person believes Beijing is also incapable and is therefore appealing to the international community for immediate help. #China #WuhanOutbreak

This is some crazy shit to be reading...

I mean it's like some shit out of a movie.

Crazy times, CRAZY fucking times right now.
Quote:A doctor in Wuhan Union Hospital told China News Weekly that at the onset of #nCov2019 Wuhan government adopted a "refrigerating strategy" on info dissemination, banning doctors from discussing the disease in public or taking media interviews without hospital authorisation.

I Can't

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