The Wuhan Coronavirus
I want to shag Kenny's new avatar. Hump
Yeah it's from the era of Marilyn photos that I have hanging on my bathroom wall, before she was the bombshell.
I'm tempted to start vaxx shaming people.

I probably won't, what's done is done...

But wow man, gotta tell ya. Just wow.
Don't stick your dick in crazy? Don't stick your dick in vaxxed.

Don't let a vaxxed dick fuck you.

End of story.
There are a whole lot of disqualified people out there.
Somebody just told me Joe Rogan said he got vaxxed and that it "works".

I dunno if that's true or not, but if it is, it doesn't surprise me. I always knew that guy was a fuckin' tool.

The subliminal programming in the media is working on a lot of people apparently.
Okay apparently he didn't admit to getting vaxxed, at least not yet.

But still...

Fucking wow man.
This shit is just disturbing.

The idea people would get vaxxed.

Just unbelievable.

It's like Clif was saying in a vid I watched lastnight, FIND ANOTHER JOB.

Don't let them hold your stupid job over your head with this bullshit, FUCK THEM.
(08-27-2021, 12:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Yeah it's from the era of Marilyn photos that I have hanging on my bathroom wall, before she was the bombshell.

Such a thing has never existed on MY timeline... *goes back to drooling*
Who the fuck is telling trump to keep pumping the vaccines and fake pandemic story ? Why cant we ever get specific names
Its always the mysterious elites or globalists but it must come down to the decision of a single entity
lol, Eric Clapton new song denouncing covid bullshit
Well I guess they'll be coming to wrap up Clapton's crossroads deal soon...
Holy cow read this shit. Its like scary
Contract tracers visiting 7000 people per day. 11 thousand people charged with being outside when they are supposed to be at home. Improper wearing of face mask.
In this round of games, apparently they're even diagnosing babies with the covids.
All in a push to make sure countless children get vaccinated.
Literally the only people I know who have been 'verified' to have the CV are all vaccinated.

It's going around in entire vaxxed families... they're all catching it from each other.
Or I should say... they're sick with something. Probably the common cold. And they're all testing positive for the CV.

And they're all vaxxed.

Without fail.
Hoodwinked, I say, hoodwinked.
Apparently they're gonna have to take booster shots, pills and all kinda shit...

This is just shit I'm hearing from people, like I said, I don't read/watch the news anymore.

So it's basically like they're trying to make CV the new cancer for the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

They're expecting decades of promised income from this.

My question...

Are all those who have been vaxxed going to be in a position where they can't live without pharmaceuticals?

Like people with type 1 diabetes?

Will it come out that their very lives now depend on whether they can get some pills or shots that will ensure they can keep living??
THX 1138 world

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