The Wuhan Coronavirus

So true, I'm glad Tucker addressed what we've all been saying.

This was posted on 9/2 so I got the memo a little late, but this is just really important.
And good on Texas.


Fuck those babykillers.
Fuck abortion.

Sick, disgusting.

Should have been outlawed a long time ago, I hope the rest of the nation follows suit.

I am completely against abortion.

I've gone back and forth on whether retarded babies or those with other severe defects should be aborted...

These days, I am solid 100% against abortion.

People shouldn't try to play God all day and night in every situation...

Sometimes nature needs to take its course, and shouldn't be fought against.
The issue with only allowing abortion under "certain circumstances" is that over time, after decades, the circumstances will expand way too far out of their original intentions.

They'll start categorizing babies with certain genes as a threat and allowing abortion for them. They'll make up reasons why certain things are defects when they aren't. Before you know it, they'll be trying to abort healthy, full term babies, oh wait, THEY ALREADY FUCKING DID.

Absolutely disgusting...

I don't understand how the entire planet isn't a glass parking lot at this point, but whatever.
Retard babies should be aborted. What we call "normal" is retarded enough.
French police hunting a female without vaccine passport in shopping mall
how come batman can't stop the bat flu ?
MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Director John O'Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid (
[quote pid="146226" dateline="1631581190"]
how come batman can't stop the bat flu ?

because it was long prophesied to happen by the Angel of Jesus Christ..

don't believe in Angels or Jesus Christ?

better start...

the second beast in Revelation is the Wuhan Horseshoe Bat.

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; 
and he had two horns like a lamb, 
and he spake as a dragon.
rev 13:11

Bats come from caves, which are inside the earth
bat ears look like lamb horns
bats use sonar echoing, unlike any animal on earth (dragon)

Because of this bat, all were forced to hide in their caves (lockdowns)

and forced to receive a mark

And he causeth all,
both small and great,
rich and poor, 
free and bond, 
to receive a mark in their right hand, 
or in their foreheads:
rev 13-16

the mark on the hand is nonetheless the 99.9% (666) germ killer
and on the forehead it is the temperature guns used to check our temps,
all before we buy and sell..

later this mark translate in the full wine of God's fury and wrath (vaccine)

because of this bat, (the second beast)

we were all forced to hide in our caves and cover our faces..

And the kings of the earth,
 and the great men, 
and the rich men, 
and the chief captains,
 and the mighty men, 
and every bondman, 
and every free man,
hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
rev 6:15

sooo much has been fulfilled...

made a youtube video highlight major points of fulfillment...

...the beast from the sea, are the UFO/UAP's...

everything is happening as previously predicted.

2000 years ago...
(09-10-2021, 03:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: And good on Texas.


Fuck those babykillers.

Amen Sister! Texas doesn't play. Now it's legal for anyone that owns a gun to carry it without a permit. Matter of 
fact, The Great State of Texas doesn't go by federal law concerning firearms. You can own a gun and whether you're a felon or someone else who would normally be turned down for owning a firearm, you can't be prosecuted for "felony possession of a firearm" If a cop pulls you over and you have a gun/firearm.

It really depends though. If you are a felon, it has to be over five years ago.

Texas penal codes don't stipulate as to what type of felony, etc. 

You should see the deluge of shills, bots, and propagandists working the r/Texas (reddit) forums. 
They actually think they can change the mind of good folks with common sense and making Texans out
to be all a bunch of uneducated hicks. 

Odd enough, Texas passed "666" new laws in September. 

Not sure how Abbot's going to "eliminate rapists" but hopefully extreme penalties for sex crimes. 

Why is everyone in such an uproar about Texas banning abortion? It's not like they can't go to any of the neighboring states and kill their baby. 

It's like bitching about having to go to Disneyland in Florida because Texas refuses to have a Disney theme park. 

Remember what happened the last time state's wanted their own rights and the federal government didn't like it. 

Feds don't like Texas and Texas DEFINATELY don't like Feds. Lot of old timers still believe Texas to be not the state of, but the Republic of. There were also talks in Texas government last year concerning secession. 

Some liberal fame seekers in Texas are thwarting a new no-mask mandate in public schools by nullifying them with legal loopholes. 

Seems like common sense God gave a Horse, he gave many Texans and they call those people 'simple' or ignorant rednecks but centuries of living have shown the strength of rural folk and country doesn't mean stupid. 
There's still lots of poor souls that don't know what to believe because their info is facebook, and the news. 

Those people are still wearing masks despite the scientifically provable fact that masks do nothing to prevent the spread of airborne transmittable germs/viruses. 

The only reason surgeons wear them is to prevent fluid ejecting from doctor onto/into patient (who probably is being operated on and has a hole in them that you definitely don't want to sneeze or leak drool into.

They also protect the doctor from any fluid ejection from the patient, like blood squirting, something 'popping' and ejecting necrotic tissue, etc. 

People justifying mrna editors don't like it when you quote them facts from the place they're getting their 'facts' about
and it boils down to '99.8%' survival rate WITHOUT the ronajab.
Oh muh gawd! Lookout Chatwoman!
Oh it can evade virus antibodies... how convenient for their vaccine agenda.
(09-28-2021, 01:52 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Exposed pt 3

This made me feel sick to my stomach. It's like... we already know this shit, and yet to hear it so utterly confirmed... it's nauseating.

Starts at 59:50. Related to thread.
(09-28-2021, 01:52 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

Just watched this. I hope those two guys are now irreparably fucked! I'm sure they would've
absolutely wrecked any and all NDA's in just those few minutes alone. Good! They are our
enemy! Them and every single one like them!
Man, you know things have gone five different kinds of sideways when liberals out there
screaming "Fuck Joe Biden!" lol - I don't think I got enough popcorn to last through this!!

Quote:Responding to the criticism, the parties have agreed on stricter measures for the non-vaccinated, including requiring them to get a negative test before travelling by bus or train, public broadcaster ARD reported Monday.

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