The Wuhan Coronavirus
(01-17-2022, 11:06 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Yeah it's the darkest before dawn kinda moment that we're seeing here.

Not to jinx the situation, lmao, I'm not saying these (in)human fucktards can't take it any darker...

What I'm saying is that they will tighten down and ramp up the fear porn the hardest right before it just shits out.

It's like a climax.

But man oh man...

These assholes, I tell ya what.
They gaslighted the world for 2 years.

Absolutely disgusting.
First they came for the hamsters.
(01-20-2022, 08:53 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:

Look at all the total cancer rampant in the comments...

This OLYMPIC ATHLETE was fucking TRAUMATIZED by being taken against her will, LIED to about where she was even going, over this fucking CV bullshit...

She SPOKE UP about it and THANK GOD she was heard...

And these pieces of fucking filth in the comments section are telling her to "be responsible and follow rules" so she doesn't spread the CV (give me a fucking break) and saying that she wasn't the only athlete who tested positive but she's the only one who "whined about it"...

Yeah well I'd like to see those undoubtedly flabby (or rail thin soyboy looking fuckers, there's no in between with these freaks) couch bound pieces of fucking crap after they've been hauled off against their will to a fucking facility.

Wonder how they'd handle it?

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

This is how these athletes are treated?

They should BOYCOTT the fucking Olympics in PROTEST.

It was DUMBER THAN FUCK to hold it in BEIJING of all places ANYWAY.

Is it a fucking joke??



Fuck the Olympics.

These people have been TRAUMATIZED.

They got kidnapped and fucking traumatized.

For real.

When she says that they turned on a different road instead of on the way to the village...

It's EXACTLY like the stories you hear about kidnap survivors who describe when they realized the driver was "going the wrong way"...


What year is this?


Get the fuck over this tiredass CV-19 bullshit, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ANYMORE.
(02-11-2022, 06:02 PM)Guest Wrote:

So in other words, within 5 or 10 years, it'll be common knowledge that the CV was created in a lab and has ties to HIV in many ways. Gotcha.
Makes me salty because just like in every other aspect of "science", they keep the public behind by a shameful number of years, and in some cases, centuries. No bullshit.
Of course he goes kaput shortly after making such a statement... granted, he was 89. But, just add him to the long list of scientists who have been dying en masse since the early 2000s.
(01-09-2022, 10:09 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: In today's edition of "Vaxxed To Death" we present to you...

Bob Saget.

Probably had to get his 3rd or 4th booster before he could go performing around at his various tour venues...

So I heard that possible foul play was now being suggested in Saget's death due to the extensive nature of his skull fracture.

Janis Joplin also died in a similar way where she fell and hit the corner of a table (after doing a high dose of heroin) and then drown in her blood due to the injury and the way her body landed.

Anyway, Saget was apparently double vaxxed and boosted, and we've seen how these people will just randomly pass the fuck out and land on their heads...

My guess is there was no foul play. He had an enlarged heart most likely from the clot shots and I think he passed out and hit his head on the corner of something, then at some point made it back to bed and died there.

Injury said to be similar to being hit with a baseball bat or falling from a height of ~30 feet.

I'm not saying that it's impossible that someone may have killed him...

I just think that if you fall and hit your head at the right angle on a table/corner in the right way, the injury could be consistent with those findings.

Regardless, Sl04n needs to do a video about this.
Well, this isn't totally fucked at all. 


And why do you think they'll "have to"?

Because their lives will depend on it.

That's my guess. Because they'll have to shoot up to "stay well"...


It's not because it's "the rules"...

It's because they'll get sick without it.
And people really need to consider the possibility that the vaxxed's immune deficiency problem may be sexually transmittable.

It's worth avoiding sex for years, if necessary, until we can figure out how serious this problem really is.
Quote:"We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time," Gates said.

Sounds like a threat to me...

What, are your friends cooking a new one up in the lab as we speak, Bill?

Watch your ass.
So when we have a few crazy megalomaniacs threatening thousands of innocent lives for two years i wonder what a simple solution to the problem might be
To say "fuck you" and "no"...

Sorry, but it's the masses who are at fault.

Anybody who went along with plan of the few, like lemmings...

They're the ones to blame.

Just because a few bozos try to rule the world doesn't mean they should be allowed to...

And the solution is a simple and firm "no" from the collective population.

The masses are the ones who failed, due to being brainwashed and soft.

They need to stop being brainwashed and soft.
there's no point in blaming the ones who fell for the bullshit. they are already dead. they can still be useful allies to help overthrow this parasitic system once and hopefully for all.
Thank god there's a large swath of people who think covid ain't real
These people will no be repopulating once the succumb to severe illness from it.
God know we need some intellegent beings to carry out worthy bloodlines

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