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(Yesterday, 09:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've never really looked all that deep into Clif because I've always just respected him and frankly drooled after his every word...

But I want to take a closer look and see if there could be anything to suggest he's not always right...


*dusts off crystal ball*

I won't be able to share much of my insights though...

It'll be more about what I don't say (in the future) than it'll be about anything I will say re: my conclusions.

Besides, it's gonna have to wait a minute because I was already studying myself this evening, and of course I come first.
Well I took a break from thinking about myself so that I could think about Clif for a while...

I've concluded that nobody's perfect or infallible, and Clif is no exception. That said, I love him and respect his work, the webbot invention was phenomenal... I first heard about it over 15 years ago and I relate to the concept on a deep level. Clif has a special place in my heart.
100% going back to thinking about myself now.
Heart Me Heart

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