What people really think about girls with tattoos
(01-25-2018, 08:22 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I'll just go ahead and post this summary from another thread about the most serious and undiscussed reasons why tattoos are a bad idea...

If you get a tattoo of Jane's name on your arm, you can basically never exist in any timeline where Jane doesn't exist.

So when Jane dumps you and assfucks your heart, breaks it into 1000 shattered pieces and lights it on fire and then shits on the roasted bits of your heart...

You're trapped in the timelines where Jane existed.

Rather than being able to jump timelines to where the bitch didn't even exist and you were never even together, you're stuck in timelines where Jane and you have a past.

Bad fucking idea.

Apply that logic to anything you might get a tattoo about.

It's restrictive in a whole lot of ways.



Further reading on the dangerous implications of modifying the body in permanent ways:

"It is crucial that one does not make changes to their body before the age of 25"


"Dumbfuck young people unhappy with themselves and ruining their lives"

I don't think about or not think about girls with tatts. I just think about girls. If someone didn't listen to Mommy and drew on their skin good luck to them. It don't phase me one way or the other. And if you are such a slimy nitpicking sex addict wanker loser that thinks about such things? You really should have your balls cut off. In a humane way of course under anesthetic.
Ain't nobody axed you nuffin, tosser.
well this guy like them young and tatted

It's SHOCKING how fucking ridiculous these people are...

And Elon could be the richest person in the world soon??



Talk about how meaningless it is to be "elite".
Mo makes her cucked boyfriends ink her name on their circumcised weiners just so she can watch the letters grow and have a chuckle. Plus it makes for a better organized sex cult and easy inventory to track . A micro chipped penis will also keep her men safe and ready for service.
i noticed most girls i fuck get tattooed right after for some reason whatever race or nationality they are
Holy fuck that's dark, Dani!!!

What could it mean!?

I gotta be honest...

Kinda turns me on.

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