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"There's a higher intelligence that just creates love. It never wants to destroy anything, no matter how ugly it is, or how evil it is... it just wants to love it."
You alright homie?
I'm okay Fung, how are you doing??
(12-18-2021, 11:24 AM)Chatwoman Wrote: I'm okay Fung, how are you doing??

Im not fucking well after that AstraZeneca jab bowel issues. I was shitting like a boss before that shit.
Have to have a colonoscopy. Glad to hear you're good though.
Yikes. Sorry to hear you're having an adverse reaction, Fung. I'm sure scores of others are experiencing the same thing.
(12-19-2021, 03:49 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Yikes. Sorry to hear you're having an adverse reaction, Fung. I'm sure scores of others are experiencing the same thing.

The shit is just fucking wrong dude. 2 days after it I couldn't shit. Dr ive known since I was 10 instantly says its not from that.
I couldn't believe he said that like he was scared of being shunned by the medical fraternity. He owned a private hospital so its not about money for him he is old. Im forced to have it here its fucking insane. I probably should die anyway but I was a healthy person. I hope you are ok and it doesn't come for you. If I get cancer im going to kill the fuck out of these cunts before im through. They coming with me homie.
Were you truly forced though Fung, or were you never really all that against the idea of taking the vaxx?

I know it SEEMS like they're forcing you...

But unless it's literally them holding you down and injecting you, it's all an illusion. It's not really forced, they just brainwashed you slowly over the course of the past 2 years to part with your common sense and survival instincts and take it of your own will.

We just can't let 'em do this to us on a global scale, it's gotta stop somewhere. But I guess by the time "the people" have had enough, it's gonna be too late to salvage normalcy in the world and it's gonna be an all out battle.
I can tell you one thing...

I ain't getting vaxxed, and I ain't worrying about the state of the world, OR the people who did choose to be vaxxed.

I got enough on my plate.

Maybe it is TEOTWAWKI...

But I'm gonna keep my attention focused at a very local level because the weight of the world ain't mine to bear.
Timothy thought Saving the bears was his weight to bare.
(12-20-2021, 04:43 PM)Guest Wrote: Timothy thought Shaving the bears was his weight to bare.


I think Mark is in serious danger.

At this point it's not even about the money.

I think they could just kill him because they simply don't like him.

He's always trying to reform these womens' lives and take the hoes away from their pimps...

That's fucking with peoples' money in and of itself.

I dunno, it's not good.

The channel has been insightful and helped a lot of people in a lot of different ways...

But I think at some point he needs to hang up his hat, move the fuck away, and consider it a job well done.

I do not think he's safe at all.
It's been a great channel, great life stories that provide a lot of insight to the different lives people lead, as well as their similarities...

But is it worth dying for??

No. Not for a man like Mark...

He's very talented and could go on to do other things.

And I think he should.

And soon.
I just called my dog a black person
Look at 5:50 in that video where her phone flashes in her pocket while she's talking about her pimp...

Whoever they're discussing is a huge threat/danger.

6:20 she has no true remorse in this matter and it's an inconvenience to her to even be there...

That's the type of person who wouldn't bat an eye.

She couldn't care less what happens to herself, let alone Mark.

By far the most dangerous person he's ever been involved with.

If I was Mark, this is where I'd be quitting.

10:16 when he says that and she starts going for her phone, you can tell she's remembering things her pimp has said about Mark.

She knows Mark is in serious danger.

11:17 frankly, she looks like the kind of person who would encourage her pimp to take Mark out. She's a bad person... she's even worse than her pimp is.

I think there's a bounty on Mark's head... if not in money, then in principle. And I wouldn't put it past her to pull the trigger.

When I look in her eyes, I see nothing but cold blood and a total lack of empathy.

11:26 she has no remorse... in fact, she has resentment for Mark. To an irrational degree. She's extremely dangerous.
I think there's a whole lot of talk in the 'community' about Mark.

And if they did kill him, good luck figuring out who did it.

They'd all plan it and cover for one another...

Nobody would ever be caught.

That's my opinion.

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