Soft White Underbelly
If this doesn't rip your soul out, I'm afraid you don't have one.

"Just have to let the rough end drag..."

One of the many, many reasons why child-sexual abuse should be an INSTANT death penalty.

Very rare that ANY of these tragic stories get told w/o child-sex abuse playing a role.
Male and female. Some aren't even hookers, but they DO go on to live in terrible
situations. And nothing ever seems to be done about it.
Raped as a child by his own older brother.  

Poor lower class whites treated like garbage by juice mass media


I have no doubt that Reilly is one of the most fascinating people who has ever lived.

1:36 and there you have it.
Reilly is a trip. I've seen a couple of her videos.
I think sexual abuse is rampant throughout the entire world, and I think it is the #1 cause for why people turn out fucked up.

That James guy? Huge eye opener... and I didn't even watch most of the video. Just the first few minutes.

That was enough to determine that indeed, even these serial killers, rapists, etc. are probably 90% of the time former sexual abuse victims.

One of the most interesting ones I've seen yet.
What's up with this MO?
Probably a trafficking victim who fought back too hard.
Finally got around to watching the OP video (Glow)...

By far the worst one I've seen yet...

Watching that vid (and the channel in general), I really dunno that I can believe "most people" are "decent" people.

I think most people are either neutral, or probably not good.
It was heartbreaking. You could feel the anguish in her every word.
Made me so sad. I know some of those people aren't always completely
truthful but Glow came across as painfully real. Things that shouldn't be.
(08-10-2020, 09:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Probably a trafficking victim who fought back too hard.

Forgot to post on this last night. It was disturbing. Poor girl.
I really hope whomever was responsible for that gets every bad
thing possible done to them!
(02-20-2020, 10:03 AM)somethingelseishere Wrote: If this doesn't rip your soul out, I'm afraid you don't have one.

So good to see a positive follow-up for her! God, the old interview was heart-smashing!


While you can see why Mark gets tickled with her during the interview, I laughed several
times as well, it doesn't dismiss the fact that meth is truly a disgusting, evil destroyer.

God help this poor young lady.

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