The Last 1% Standing
After the Elite culls the population down to a small fraction that it is now they're going to offer the remnants longer lifespans of hundreds or thousands of years as a way of keeping them from revolting.

With just a small population left on the planet the advanced automated heavy industry can provide a level of luxury available to everyone.  Of course the higher ranking members of society will enjoy more over the commoners, while the Elites live like Royalty or even Gods.

The longer lifespans will also keep the populace from having children, a reproductive cutoff switch could be built into the longer lifespan genetic coding.  More importantly, the longer lifespans will help the smaller populace advance as if they were a larger population of billions because the longer living people will acquire more knowledge.

The longer lifespans will also help with deep space travels and colonies.

Oh yeah, the Elite will also have A.I. Androids as Citizens.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
If the elites could bestow long life, they're not going to offer it to anyone but themselves.

A society of 1,000 year old men would become wise as fuck and eventually overthrow the complacent elites. They don't want us to live long enough to wise up to what's going on and accumulate a vast trove of knowledge that could be used against them.
So this is essentially an Atlantis or Lemuria type deal then.

That's essentially what these legendary advanced civilizations really were.

Maybe that differs depending on the age we're in though.

People act like those ancient civilizations were so great, but I have my doubts.
Like Methuselah who was said to be over 900 years, and all the other people from the past with long lifespans.

Remnants of past Elite Civilization.

The Elite need to give smaller populations longer lifespans to keep the society advancing along the lines of a much larger society.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
That kind of fits my theory about Jesus.

In ancient society the elites were basically gods, or people believed to have power derived directly from god.

I personally accept a belief in Jesus’ divinity.

However, I also like the idea that he essentially led a slave revolt by public defiance of a priestly caste.

When others saw that, they got hip to the idea that these elites didn’t actually operate under supernatural authority, and it led to an awakening in consciousness.

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