Dahvie Vanity: Worse Than Onision

3:26 amen amen amen. This is the next fucker Chris Hansen is gonna take down.

8:47 good on Combichrist for going so far as to cancel their tour over that bastard.

I don't remember this Dahvie fucktard from the MySpace days, but I do remembering hearing about his group "Blood On The Dance Floor" always thinking it was a sad rip off of "PANIC! At the Disco".

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(03-14-2020, 01:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 3:26 amen amen amen.

I'll just say, never trust a guy who wears makeup, period.

The more makeup, the less trust.
Dahvie has Immunity
some humans are on a special list at all government offices and databases and are not to be messed with
HAH! We'll just see about that.
And the first shoe to drop on Dahvie Vanity is none other than Jessi Slaughter, AKA Damien, of "Backtraced: Consequences Will Never Be The Same" fame...

I gotta say Chris Hansen is a top notch, #1 class act. He really handles these internet tards so well.
5:50 lmfao you can see the depths of disturbance in Hansen's eyes...

He knows with this internet world he's dealing with a WHOOOLLLLEEEEE other load of shit that would be insurmountable to the common human...

But because Chris Hansen is superhuman, he's got this.
10:50 oh that's fuckin' disgusting.
What a total creepster, lmao, dear God. Wow.
11:00 ah man roflmao sometimes... SOMETIMES I see this feeling of "Why do I do this to myself?" flash in Chris Hansen's eyes.
11:10 Jeezus EFF, dude, I gotta take this shit in doses...

I can't even watch this straight up straight through, like.
12:00 roflmao, ah man... I always did like Jessi Slaughter though, I thought she was pretty cool.

She's gone full on SJW freakazoid unfortunately, but there are still undertones of a decently cool person under there.

12:06 but this is like... fuckin' damning dude. Worse than Onision indeed. Makes Onision look like a joke.

19:28 I never knew that's what the whole thing was about... pretty crazy.

20:10 it's good that the truth has finally come out.

25:40 dude, Chris Hansen is the shit, I fucking love this man bahahahahahaha holy shit.

30:20 it's a great interview.


32:28 "You're my peyote"... RRRROOOFFFLLLLMMFFFFAAOOOO.

Legendary. Fucking legendary.

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