WHO is behind the virus?
That Chinese guy busted leaving US with vials of biological material, he was nothing to do with Chinese Virus he was researching Cancer at Harvard so was probably trying to steal the Cancer cure they probably already have.
And although I hate Chinese commies, if that cure gets released only the uber rich will be able to afford it due to US IP laws. He was probably trying to get it to China to make/sell it cheaper.
You ever notice the uber elite rich never die of Cancer? They die of old age? Well I wonder why? Profits before life is wrong and im talking all creatures cos all creatures get forms of cancer.
idk but they are all batshit crazy 

Extremely creepy music in the background of that video...

But what really sticks out about is her statement "We're all going down together", accentuated by the cut just before it.

She's talking to her luciferian cohorts.
Madonna has been fucking around with some daft Hollywood feel-good interpretation of the Kaballah for decades. That's not something you ought to dabble in lightly.

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