Gregory Mannarino (MarketReport/TradersChoice)
(04-02-2020, 12:41 PM)Rocky Mountain Lover Wrote: One of my questions, if that scenario is true, is what about all the Nuclear Power plants?

I guess we'll just have to hope nuke plant workers and people who know how to maintenance nuke plants have some kinda passion for the job and families they care about enough to try and save their future.

I dunno man...

In my opinion, the future holds a reset of the Earth, either by asteroid(s) or a chain reaction of super volcanoes, or nuke plant meltdowns, or all of the above...

But I really think something outside of us will cause the start of the calamity. Something from space. And I think the destruction will be complete before nuke plants ever have a chance to melt down.

Nuke plants are the dumbest thing humanity's ever done... and that's saying a lot. It will have to be corrected. I only feel bad for all the cute furries who will get toasted in the process. Ah well... a few million years and they'll be back anyway.
Bottom line...

Nobody comes to earth to live forever...

We come here to have a ridiculous trip and then die (the ultimate high).
(04-02-2020, 12:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Bottom line...

Nobody comes to earth to live forever...

We come here to have a ridiculous trip and then die (the ultimate high).

Absolutely. Once a certain level is reached intuitively, the fear of death falls away and all that is left is art.

0:28 "We're seeing history repeat itself"...

2:58 oh my God ahahahaha.

Okay wow, well. Yeah I dunno, just. Wow, ahahaha.

The feels behind that one... Gregory is great at expressing how he feels about things.

I love this guy, he is a treasure.

3:35 AAAHHH I almost pissed myself with that one, dear God please have mercy.

It's amazing to me how exciting Gregory manages to keep things... I wish we could see how great he is in other areas of life, but I guess we'll just leave him alone. He doesn't need a bunch of weirdos on the internet all up in his business.

He's a brilliant guy, way too smart to fall into any traps of oversharing or bringing his personal life into things.

I hope he's happy in life... he's got a good heart and as we know, the world basically never rewards that in any meaningful way.
@13:15 lol yeah i will take a pass on that

Especially good after 6:48.

Federal Reserve president is apparently talking about "mandatory universal CV testing"... what the fuck kinda business does the fed pres have suggesting some shit like this?

Having to wear a badge that discloses your status??

In my opinion this does nothing but lend credence to the idea that this virus has a digital component, as a lot of people have been discussing it's a designer virus. It's not only unconstitutional, it's a crime against humanity.

Good God, I just think Mannarino is so sexy. What the fuck? Like I can't get past it...

The guy is sexy. He's SEXY.

I love how he opens his videos, and a lot of times the close is just as good.


I just love Italians!

The thing is, he has a great sense of humor... that makes him so attractive, because without that, yeah he'd still be handsome, but something would be missing.

But whatever. I'm gonna lay off, I just don't want to be inappropriate. I respect Gregory too much for that!

4:46 oh Gregory, talk filth to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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