I used to think goth dudes were strangely hot but now I'm just frightened of them
Shake Head 
They mildly creep me out and make me suspicious now :(
Sad Nana 
DGMW, they're still hot. But they freak me out a lil which makes my nanner cease its dancing.
I think it's just the whole "don't trust a guy who wears makeup" principle.
Like even guyliner.

All the dudes I've ever known who wear guyliner are fuuuuuucked up.
I guess stage makeup would be totally fine if you were a performer.

And I get the idea behind living the art, daily.

But there's a happy medium and I think if you're a guy going around wearing a ton of makeup you just CANNOT be trusted.
There are a lot of fucked up weirdo morons out there.

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