Whenever I remember there are people out there obsessed with Charles Manson...
Who dedicate years of their lives studying him and even make memorials and museums in their houses dedicated to him...

I feel ONE HUNDRED FUCKING PERCENT better about myself and the stupid shit I'm interested in and obsessed with.
what I liked about Charles was how he basically gave our society the middle finger by fighting insanity with double insanity
He never murdered anyone, never even told anyone to murder anyone, he just said, "Do what Tex says".
He was off his face on LSD like all the others. How on earth life in prison and he wasn't even there? Tex told them to do it cos he was off his dial.
He was a political prisoner because he was anti establishment.
Charles was an idiot spouting nonsensical tardblather...

He said one or two insightful things and then shit all over it with a bunch of mindless rambling that dumb people thought was revolutionary or something.

He was nothing but a tool, brainwashed himself, and used as the front man to take the fall for a ritual sacrifice ring in hollywank.

(07-01-2017, 10:51 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: "Hand of Death" satanic cult murder training center.


No Way 
I am fascinated by deviant minds. Just a bit unsure what makes them tick, is it evil or what exactly...
Here is a serial killer of 7 women they know about who describes his passion for murdering innocent people : @2:00 min - 3min

Nodding Yes 
I think its individual perception. Remember the Universe never wastes energy, it just converts it to another form. So your perception will be different to mine. There will be the guy hurting the person, the guy laughing at it, and the guy wanting to help. And this goes on in infinite ways. Its energy transfer in an organized chaos. And honestly "the end" probably isn't even important. Infinity doesn't end. These energy Monsters who try to control it in this reality, want you to fear transformation to control you. Why? So they can manipulate your energy to their own gain. But essentially you allow them to they can't take it or modify it.
LOL that narrator's speaking style is seriously obnoxious, like he's way too try-hard.

He's fucking hard to understand too, which is rare for me, I almost NEVER feel that way.

Why the fuck do they have Piers Morgan's goofy ass off in an interview with a serial killer?

1:10 the shit they're talking to these serial killers about is so fucking dumb... where are the USEFUL studies of these people?? They get locked up for decades, but we don't do a fucking thing with them besides have stupid reporters come around and ask them totally unimportant questions?? They should be STUDIED and it should be treated SERIOUSLY.

Like look at this fucking guy, he's so NOT USED to people talking to him about it that he can't even get past all the weird ego hurdles that come with that process... they should have been questioning him from ALL ANGLES for YEARS until it was so fucking second nature to him that NO time is wasted having him funnel through the feelings in order to get to answers.

Fucking idiots... everyone.


2:00 wow this guy's boring.

2:17 LMAO HE LITERALLY ASKS HIM "WHAT WERE YOUR FEELINGS?" BAHAHAHAHA. See? Fucking useless. These people are a fucking joke... nothing but wasted opportunities to legitimately study these psychos. Absolutely fucking wasted.

3:00 like I'm sorry but these serial killers are some of the most interesting humans because they're so detached, they just don't give a fuck about anything on a deep level... he said it himself, it's his passion. That's all he cares about. And normie shit like his stupid family or whatever... well, he just doesn't give a flying fuck about them. He'll smile for a second and act like he cares or something, but he won't feign any feelings because he CAN'T and because he's not brainwashed to think he has to.

These psychos are some of the most honest humans if you can get them talking. But it's a numbers game... there are too few people sent in to talk to them, and out of those people there's probably almost never anyone who they feel like opening up to. It's one of the system's innumerable failures.

6:30 this guy's boring... typical trauma begets trauma story.

7:20 bahahahaha that was pretty fucking funny man, I gotta say.


Diane Downs was a postal worker, LOL.

10:10 oh COME ONNN, she was INNOCENT!

11:00 LOL this chick is great.

11:54 roflmao she does sound like a total sociopath, I love it!

12:35 yeah, we prettymuch have heard 'em all there bro. You're right.

14:06 lmfao this guy, such a douche... pioneer of ASMR?! Picking up the recorder and playing around like it's a game... what a fricken dick, man. Wow, just wow. Ted Bundy would have been great to study but they would have needed to drug him with truth serum before every discussion to make him viable.
You know what...

We gotta look more into Diane Downs...

0:26 BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and I'm so glad I did.

Wow... this bitch is so legit. It's unbelievable. What a complete and utter total fucking psycho, it's amazing.

1:05 I cannot STAND Nancy Grace. She LOVES talking about little kids getting killed, it's her passion.

Just a short little aside, from the comments section...

Quote:Ok. We found Bundy's perfect match
Quote:nah, he likes 'em dead.. this bitch talks way too much

It's such a misunderstanding...

Bundy didn't like them "dead", it was just the state closest to the way he preferred them to behave.

Kinda the same reason Dahmer tried to lobotomize his victims.

3:30 whoa she looks almost exactly like Lady Diana here. If you look up their bio compat, they have 93% aesthetic compatibility. You just can't make this shit up.

4:33 TBH her story is really convincing. I still think she's innocent!
(03-27-2020, 11:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You know what...

We gotta look more into Diane Downs...

Gonna check this out later. Thanks for this.

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