My New Music
(04-09-2020, 12:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Look at the comment somebody left on that vid... ummm, was that like 100% independent of the conversation on this thread cuz if so, that's spooky.

Yeah, it was totally unrelated to this forum. Spooky indeed!
(04-09-2020, 12:54 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: God be tryin'a tell yoass something.

The Universe be talkin' at meh.
(04-09-2020, 12:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: My music videos to your songs would be extremely abstract and hella weird...

I do have a hard on for making music videos.

Well if you're wanting to flex that muscle I may have something for you
to work with by tomorrow. A song, that is. It's an older one that I never 
I hope it's dark and filthy and sexy, that's the way I like 'em!!!!!!
(04-09-2020, 01:19 PM)somethingelseishere Wrote: Yeah, it was totally unrelated to this forum. Spooky indeed!

Yup, it's a sign.
(04-09-2020, 01:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I hope it's dark and filthy and sexy, that's the way I like 'em!!!!!!

I think it's mostly in that neighborhood. Dark-filthy-sexy-adjacent. lol
(04-09-2020, 11:07 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: You ever thought about making music videos for your songs??

Do you sell your music??

Making music videos is great, but of course one has to have footage of some type to work with.

That reminds me. I found a work-at-home job idea you might be interested in.

A lot of podcast and video creators are looking for freelancers to edit their material. You can find a lot of those jobs here:

I like UpWork better than because it isn't flooded with Indians who work for pennies on the dollar. A lot of the clients are specifically looking for U.S. workers in the same timezone so they can collaborate or have occasional meetings with them.
What an excellent suggestion... thanks for this helpful info. I really appreciate you thinking of me for this kind of work. I signed up to UpWork a long time ago but never pursued it further... I really should, it's so perfect for me.
(04-09-2020, 02:03 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I really appreciate you thinking of me....

I mean how could I not? Hump Heart

*sheds a single tear*

Group Hug

^passionate group hug
Lmao, cute emotie!!!
You feel something?

This is an "old-new" song. I recorded it back in October 2018 but never posted it.

OK, I'm not bitchin' but this was nearly 4 HOURS worth of work!! FOUR HOURS!! lol
It'll get so much easier for you over time...

You nailed the exact aesthetic I was hoping for...


Do you feel it??

Do you feel the hot passion surging through your veins...

The kinda feeling you get when you FIRST discover a new way to express what's inside and get it out?
Yes, I was excited to do this whole thing!
I'm gonna get on filming some more footage in a minute
just here in my room. It's dark and I'm only going to use
a flashlight to do sparse lighting. It's gonna be super fun!!
Yes. God yes.
This is what eight hours of audio & video work looks like.


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