THIS is what YouTube was created for!
But yeah, I used to live across the bay from Dildo.
ceremonial circumcision of 40 young boys @ 7:55

HRC : 'yeah whatever' 

He was a workaholic ,painted and stuff just like Michelangelo 

Mr gacy in the house 

Dry Heave
@6:30 what kinda fucked up experiments 
@2:15 yeah 

Run girl run , need a riders crop


Lol, he's GOOOOOD.

He even gets the breathing 100% on point.
@6:50 -7:00 dude we can relate

@ 10:14 - 10:20   ,lol 

, He just wanted some peace, those pups will grow up to be feminized morons
@ 4:05 - 5:30   ,  lets be real future looks like porn and comedy 

I watched the first 8 min. of that documentary when it was on my recommended feed like a week ago...

The older couple living at the hotel was what made me click off...

It was a revelation about how these actors who haven't been in that many roles actually live, and it wasn't glamorous at all.

Fuck small potatoes, and screw that documentary too.

I sensed a lot of disingenuousness out of a few of the wannabe actors featured and even the guy filming the documentary was kind of insufferable.

The comments are full of people saying it was amazing, but I just think it was sad.

That hotel was always a seedy drughouse... Janis Joplin deserved to die somewhere better.

Now it's worse than ever after being offered up as free board to the homeless in LA. California is a hellhole.

Read here for the truth about the death of Janis Joplin...

She drowned in her own blood after hitting her nose on the nightstand, and Jimi Hendrix was drowned in red wine...

None of it is coincidence.

Drowning in red "wine" is illuminati symbolism, they were ritualistic sacrificial killings.
prepping for Juneteenth ? 

lol , I never   knew       he stabbed his wife    11:50  - 12:00  

really tense dude  

@ 20:08 very romantic evening light at the statue of the penis in northeast Brazil 

God all these white dude sex tourists are sooo fucking cringey... talking to the women, forcing their attention, making them have to be polite and act like they give a shit when they truly don't.

Those kind of men are a special breed... total embarrassments to the gene pool. Maybe that's why they travel to far away lands to give chump change to desperate impoverished women. There's a chance they could impregnate them, because no one in whitey's own country or in their own socioeconomic status wants their disgusting children.
Imagine being capable of doing absolutely nothing else in life besides trying to spread your inferior seed... it's the only thing you wanna do, and nobody wants it. Tough. The human animal faces unique hardships in all aspects compared to the other lifeforms on the planet.

7:21 oh man, that's terrifying.


And all these sad, lost young people are taking this mystery powder mish-mash of the worst drugs there are, in mass quantities.

Just horrible.

8:50 I guess he made the right choice, I mean come on, what're you gonna do... but he could have just as easily forced the dude to take more until he was blasted out of his mind and then sold him into slavery or something. Or he could have just straight died from fentanyl. I mean this shit is just psycho.

9:30 funny how he glosses right over the meth and then says he's feeling "stimulanty"... facepalm.

They're literally mixing ALL THE DRUGS TOGETHER. All the WORST DRUGS, to boot.

What's supposed to happen to society, the world over, IN GENERAL, when it's reached this point of total oversaturation, of nothing being enough anymore??

So sad man.

9:40 I would have gotten the fuck out of there after that first interaction. Pretty sure being a reporter for the Vice rag doesn't pay enough to risk your very life.

10:02 "young kids"... and they're taking ALL the MOST addictive hard drugs that basically exist, in one package. Imagine the nightmare of getting off that shit, and it's now the coolest new thing. Somebody in the comments said they're a US nurse and their ER just saw the first OD case of this stuff.

10:50 THIS GUY is the one cooking up the death concoction that kids are risking their lives with every night, unbelievable. This shit is scarier than any horror movie.

11:16 they're literally just unpackaging every single hard drug there is and mixing it in this bowl. Just willy nilly.

11:42 he's SMOKING CRACK and mixing up this death concoction. It's just fucking... there are no words. Legitimately, I have no words for this. None.

12:24 he's crushing the drugs with THE BUTT OF HIS PISTOL.

12:48 he's mixing it together with TWO CREDIT CARDS. This man is a slave. He literally just essentially said he doesn't even want to be there but he has to. This is just all kinds of fucked up, on every level there is.

13:34 that's literally some of the dirtiest money there is. It doesn't even get much dirtier than that. Who would even want it??

15:50 "This is for kids who don't want to sleep for 3 or 4 days." Again, the use of the word "kids"... it's just fucking reprehensible. And beyond that, the hell that being on a bender like this would wreak on your body/mind is just... catastrophic. Doing it habitually... all those drugs crammed together? The results of that will be worse than people you see interviewed who have been doing meth etc. for most of their lives. The people consuming these drugs will have very short lives.

17:17 she says the USA is their real client. I bet this shit will be all over events like Coachella and Burning Man and will be brought into raves all over the US by the operatives who already run those places. The fentanyl war escalates. Because when this kind of shit starts getting brought into the USA, the fentanyl added will get higher and higher to make it cheaper and cheaper to produce. So many more deaths in store for this nation.

18:00 they say none of them have ever tried it... "We know the harm it causes the central nervous system." This is a war on any country they bring it to and it's being allowed by the governments of those countries.

21:06 agh, so sad man. What a terrible state of affairs. God help this world. There has to be another way to deal with the pain of life besides drugs, especially this insane mix of shit.
well I admire the courage this girl had to document her fight with brain cancer  
just astonishing how healthy and alive    she was at 16 then gone at 19


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