I consider "exotic dancers" (strippers) to be sex workers...
Cuz come on, they ARE fucking sex workers.

I was watching a chick on YouTube earlier bitch talking her ex who left her for another chick...

The YouTube chick is an ex stripper, she's not working right now because she just had a baby...

Babydaddy left her for another chick and she's super salty about it.

She was shit talking the other chick in her video saying that she's hella nasty because she does some kind of adult pictures or maybe just straight up porno online...

And I was like is this bitch really gonna sit here and trash talk this other girl when SHE'S A SEX WORKER TOO?

Well it was just trashy...

She is only saying all that stuff because she's salty she got left for another chick, by her babydaddy (which makes it 10 times worse) but it's not smart to shit talk people that way...

She looks great after having popped one out, she was already super thin to begin with, and now she still just looks like a non-fat chick...

But I think if you talk that kinda trash about people (I won't even repeat the shit she said, or link the video) there's no way life's gonna just keep on being kind to you, no holds barred.

I think it's sad when people let their emotions get in the way and start shit talking their exes (and their new partner) online... have some damn class.
It's so weird because this chick is the WORST I have EVER fucking seen when it comes to shit talking exes and their new GFs...

Now that I think about it, she's done it to every one of them.

I've been watching her videos on and off for kind of a really long time, and she ALWAYS does it.

It's just this time, it's her babydaddy instead of a regular BF.

It's one thing to say "His new GF is a skank!" or "She's ugly!" or whatever...

But this girl goes too far and shares PERSONAL information she wouldn't know unless she was told by her ex or someone else super close with that personal info...

It is leagues beyond trashy and disgraceful to share peoples' personal info ON YOUTUBE, when your channel is 90% normal (albeit stupid) shit like makeup tutorials and stuff.

In fact, the shit she does really borders on illegal... they probably couldn't get anything done about it though. Then again, who knows. It's pretty horrendous.

People need to keep it to petty insults if they wanna be low brow, and other opinion based shit... leave people's personal life details you SHOULD HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING fucking out of it.
If it's not something that people put out there themselves, or volunteer the info via pictures, or videos, or whatever kinda stuff that is just out there for everyone to see anyways... it should NOT be discussed.
It doesn't sound like anyone involved in that situation is the cream of the crop.
Yeah I think that's the bottom line right there.
I saw a chick on Twitter who makes poop porn, bitching that it's harder for a woman to find a good man than vice versa. Bitch you make POOP PORN! No decent guy is going to come anywhere neat you.
I feel like poo porn is where we all end up. I am not there yet . first things animals do is sniff buttholes so lets not be afraid to discuss this and analyse it
Yeah Guest, I was gonna say...

It's the ultimate sign of an oversaturated market that just needs to straight up die.

When there are soooooo many sex workers online making porno that you literally have to start playing with your shit to stand out?? Uhh, yeah, kill it with fire, the whole thing is over.
If I see a chick doing anything with her butthole online, I hit the back button.

Um No
(08-16-2020, 04:44 PM)Kenny Wrote: [video=themtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GOP64enU2k[/video]

4:05 I've often wondered how many of those seemingly extroverted cam girls actually have severe social anxiety, Asperger's, etc.
(10-16-2019, 02:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you say no, it's gayer than saying yes.
Brittany Venti calls them what they are: prostitutes.

She says OnlyFans prostitutes are soliciting young girls to join through their referral program as soon as they turn 18.

10:12 Best donation beg ever: "Nobody else is doing this, so if you lose me, you're shit out of luck."

(10-16-2019, 02:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you say no, it's gayer than saying yes.
*sex workers

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