Youtubers responding to youtubers responding to youtubers responding to youtubers
No Way 
Lots of people "respond" to e-famous "Youtubers" but I've not seen a set that responds to the respondents. 

Maybe there is; I don't know. 

If there isn't, really; youtube needs to take the retardation up a notch. 

Imagine a fifth respondent commenting on an initial poster but all of the 5th's responding is

done to the fourth who's responding to the third which is commenting on the second stemming

from the first. 

Why isn't this a thing? If you're going to get retarded; go full retard please? 

Same thing with "blank reacts to blank."

All this technology is making people retarded. This is genius actually. It's sad though.

I don't comprehend how someone even gives a shit about this video. It has to be A.I. 

Are all humans this...under-developed? A video about random people binging on Pokemon episodes. 

212K views in a few days. It's weird how a lot of really brilliant people aren't "successful" while mediocrity rules. 


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