Billy Corgan's Instagram Livestreams
This is the one I'm watching right now...

Now I have majorly gone back and forth with Billy in the past year or so...

Used to fucking love the guy, but we had words and he's literally blocked me on Insta.

Lmfao I imagine his blocklist is legitimately a mile long.

I digress...

Every now and then I check on his page just to see if there's anything new/interesting.

I have found this discussion between him and Jen Weigel to be pretty interesting. This is from May 13.

Dunno if he's changed his views on anything since then, I do intend to watch the other livestreams but I'm not too sure when.

But it seems like he's really taking the "changes to the world" pretty seriously and thinks it's gonna be a longstanding thing.

I don't agree with him on that.

He's a very smart dude though, great to listen to, very serious...

Just extremely serious.

He sorta seems to dominate the convo.

Back when he sort of "polled" his viewership about whether he should do livestreams, it seemed like he was hesitant to go it alone. Looks like he enlisted the help of guests... but at least from what I've seen so far, they are sorta just props cuz at least with Jen, she is never really talking at length and he seems to dominate.

It's fine... I think anyone agreeing to a "discussion" with Billy knows what the hell they're getting into.

Corgan's largely a bitchboy... he just is. Extreme, extreme Pisces/water sign issues. Like worst example I've ever seen of a Pisces (besides Fungbro). 

But I have to say, I am liking what I'm seeing of his livestreams so far.
Should be on YouTube though. Maybe it is.
Quick search on YouTube reveals nothing. I guess it's IG exclusive and no one is even bothering to rip it and upload to the YouTubez.
Intellectually, I do love Billy... we have similar thoughts on things. He is great except for a few flaws.

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