Sleeper cells have awakened to carry out "riots" in all major US cities...
(05-29-2020, 07:25 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

(05-29-2020, 07:35 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: What the fuck, is Lookner wearing makeup???

Bro Steve looks amazing.

Did he get spraytanned???
He needs to sit up straighter when he's doing this though, actually I think Steve should upgrade to a standing desk.


Thanks Steve ;)
Fuckin' Steve, dude, rofl.
LOL... oh man.

Goodness me.
I'm listening to trance music in the background, rofl!
It's like the more zesty the doom, the more alive and healthy Steve looks.
Total mind control war going on here...

These "protestors" here running around with their different NLP chants...

Literally proven that the commie liberals control ALL the "grassroots" movements especially with the universities.

There are leaders and coaches in these groups.

They are literally troops.
Steve has a great stream but it's too bad timestamping isn't possible...

He was showing Snapchat Map and REGULAR CITIZENS, ACTUAL LOCALS of cities like ATLANTA are recording the INVADER FORCES and talking to each other about how they disapprove of their actions, want them to stop, and perhaps most importantly HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE.

Let that sink in.
Lol you can just see how freaked out Steve is watching this shit.
Lmfao now people are nit-picking Steve's stream titles... lol.

I love it. Steve really does a great broadcast.
(05-29-2020, 07:49 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: and perhaps most importantly HAVE NO IDEA WHO THEY ARE.

Let that sink in.

Talk about something needing to go viral.
Now they're burning cars in Atlanta.

5:25 why do these National Guard dudes on the loudspeakers always have such sexy voices???

MN governor and Minneapolis mayor talking live at 1:30AM, war-gaming publicly.
The governor was just straight up with it... he literally said these people are trying to cause chaos/they are not trying to peacefully riot.

Then the mayor comes on and tells people not to burn down their own city... lol, bro, you know damn well those aren't Minneapolis citizens, they're probably not even from MN at all.

They're the same troops that have been dispatched all over the western world. They're doing the same tactics as all the other related groups. They're even blocking highways and hijacking semis.

It escalated quickly... and people still don't even realize what the hell is truly going on.
The MN officials are basically saying they need a shitload more Ntl. Guard.

The military will have to be called in to all major cities.
It's the "military against the people" scenario we've been talking about for years.

Only these "rioters" are trained, they are not mere citizens.
SUVs "helping to supply the rioters with items" per police scanner on Lookner just now.

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