Sleeper cells have awakened to carry out "riots" in all major US cities...

Marf is freaked the fuck out.
Maybe the man in the high castle was right. TOTALLY GNARLY i mean it's actually TOTALLY AWESOME! 

won't be a big deal though...
"Oh, look at that! He has a bow and arrow. I dunno if he was really gonna fire it. That's kinda crazy." - Actual quote from Lookner, just now.
"Yeah they show like 10 people beating him up..."


Oh Steve.

Thanks for doing all the work so we don't have to.
"Alright well that's crazy." roflroflrofmfaolol
Bow/arrow guy was in Salt Lake City.
They are going to make an example out of one of these cities tonight by clamping down harder than hard.

And anybody who wants to compare this to Kent State?...

The fuck outta here.
Nobody can blame that cop car for trying to move through their retarded bullshit...

I'm sure whoever's behind the wheel has never had to slowly drive through a hoard of fucking bloodthirsty zombies before.

It's clear from looking at the footage that he just gave it too much gas.

People should feel bad for those cops, not try to demonize their every move.
Whoever is in those cars must be scared to death, cop or not...

Get the fuck out of the roads.

Steve (Atlanta) just got a public safety alert on his phone, 9PM curfew.

They are mass emergency texting citizens in these big cities.

According to Marf, all his said was "disperse Seattle" and curfew 5PM.
People still have no idea the magnitude of what's going on but they're about to find out...

Nothing better to scare the shit out of people than emergency alerting their phones.
They ain't fucking around tonight.
It's just like the MN Governor was hinting at during his 2AM broadcast...

These infiltrator groups have something planned for today.

In fact, the governor kept saying it was international.
Chicago seems to be worst right now.
That's my personal opinion.
The entire thing is a staged event...

It's a staged event taking place nationwide (and according to some people, globally)...

The organized groups are going around torching things and instigating violence.

Their mode of operations is always the same...

"Disclosed: Plan to Burn Northern California With Directed Energy Weapons"

Yes, I do believe it is all connected.

It's been ongoing for many years, but they have escalated it in the past 5 years by absolutely remarkable increments.

The invading forces in Europe were part of this.

The invading forces from the southern border were part of this.
The whole thing is a lulzfest.

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