I think all creatures should die outside...
I think dying in buildings is wrong.
I'm sure I've talked about this before.
I believe you have talked about this before I believe I have talked to you about this before.
My thoughts were when you are going to die either go out into the middle of the Bush,
so the critters can consume your corpse and give your physical back from where it came.
Or be taken up to 30 thousand feet and dropped from a plane and exploded with C4,
so your meat sack atomizes back into the energy of the mother that gave birth to us.
I fucking completely agree with you Fung.
(06-27-2020, 05:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I think dying in buildings is wrong
What do you think of the wrong/right of being born in one?
that's kinda what I thought but when you are laying on the ground with life threatening injuries its amazing how you turn into little baby crying out for help ...been there done that
Still better than being in a building.

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