Paris Hilton: My Celeb Soulmate
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God knows I needed this today!?
0:39 roflmfaololol.

2:25 oh Paris...


What a smokin' hot babe.

4:32 whoa, that's pretty amazing.

5:13 that dress is killer.

5:58 lol she's so great.
"Paris Hilton Reveals She's Started IVF Process with Boyfriend Carter Reum"

Choosing to have twins is a lot less magical than nature gifting you with them.

I dunno why she's doing IVF if she could have just conceived it herself.

It would have been worth a try to spend a year or so attempting to do that.

I guess freezing the eggs would be fine, but if she could conceive by herself, it'd be better.

She'd have the frozen eggs to fall back on if it didn't work out.

She just needs to get busy bangin', that's all.

But whatevs...

IVF kids are super trendy I guess. I wouldn't want to have any kids if I couldn't have them naturally though.

I'd take it as a sign from God and say thanks for sparing me the trouble.

I think Paris, due to the life she's lived, is probably not as put off by IVF as a more naturalist sorta person would be...

She's used to service, getting what she wants, etc. so I guess that fits in with the whole IVF thing.

She'll probably find the whole nine yards is a lot harder than she figured it would be...

Jet setting around the world and being sleep deprived due to PTSD is one level of tiring...

Oddly energizing to be famous and sought after the way she is, that's probably why it never took that much of a toll on her health.

But an equally exhausting job like parenting, totally thankless, energy sucking (with no re-energizing) is going to fuck her up.

At least she waited til she was 40 to do it... she maintained her good looks for much longer than most women.

If you want to have a family and whatnot, I guess you gotta give those freedoms and perks up sometime.

I wouldn't do it.
(01-31-2021, 11:16 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But an equally exhausting job like parenting, totally thankless, energy sucking (with no re-energizing) is going to fuck her up.

It's just going to make her all ragged...

I know rich people get nannies and stuff, but it would still be monumentally hard.

(01-31-2021, 11:16 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: At least she waited til she was 40 to do it... she maintained her good looks for much longer than most women.

Part of me wanted to see just how long Paris could go...

How long could she be fit and impossibly beautiful?

Could she be like Melissa, insanely hot at 60+??

Maybe she will be...

I would love to see another example.
I dunno...

I'm just sad Paris is going for the IVF.

Look, I wrote this 1.5 years ago:

(07-21-2019, 08:25 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Doing all that BS fertility treatment/straight up IVF shit is not the right way...

It's practically not even your baby if you use IVF.


Seems like it was longer ago, but I do remember writing this thread:

I basically said in 2019 that Paris needs to be impregnated immediately but I denounced IVF...

My thoughts on IVF:


What if Carter, in the wild, couldn't knock Paris up??

What if he just simply wasn't the dude??

They would NEVER conceive...

So she's like using him as a sperm donor, TAKING THE SEED in a LAB...

And then surrogate carrying the child in an incubator IVF kinda way.

It's insanity...

Totally unnatural and forces the existence of two people who otherwise just wouldn't have.

Paris was careful with her choice and sorted through a lot of dudes (obviously) and maybe this Carter dude just has qualities we don't necessarily appreciate cuz we don't know about them or understand it or something.

That's fine.

I just wanted the real deal hot beef injection...

I just wanted the old fashioned way for Paris.

She still could have done it, she's not too old but she is right at the end.

I would have wanted to do it naturally.

I wonder if Paris keeps all her engagement rings??

I'd have to keep it simple at some point and just have an amethyst on a .999 silver band or something, I mean shit.

At a certain point you gotta start assuming it's the huge rings that cause these relationships to fail?!

Seems like Paris really wants to get married...

I respect her for trying to wait for the right dude instead of immediately just marrying in to the most money she could find.

I love Paris, want the best for that sweet piece of ass and hope it all works out the way she wants it.
Her movie makes me feel sad for her.

but then... she is a multi-millionaire so I think she will recover whatever shes going throu

i had read a bit about her doin that, mad respect.
rhombus will set you free.
“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” ― Michael Ellner

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