Paris Hilton: My Celeb Soulmate
(10-11-2020, 02:08 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Paris...

I'm serious for real.

If none of the dudes Paris tries to marry ever work out and she gets too old to have kids so there's no reason to even bother with dudes...

I hope and pray she lesbian marries me.

Can you be married to two people at once if they're different genders?

Like you should totally be able to be married to a guy and a chick, it should be legal cuz they've got different genitals.
Listen, my gay love for Paris is sincere.

I'd even get vaguely naked with her and touch nipples.

She'd have to get boyfriends on the side to satisfy her smexual desires, but other than that we'll 100% be besties.

Who get vaguely naked together sometimes and giggle a lot whilst touching nipples.
Come on, it's a thing.

Just let it happen.
We can even cuddle briefly every few nights or so...

It's a sweet deal, for real.

Lez do this.
I say vaguely naked because full nudity is sort of tacky and should be reserved for only a guy and a girl together.

She can wear her fingerless gloves... that counts!
I just need to stop.
All I can say MO is "thats hot"

-follow me-

1:55 who the fuck is this asshole?
2:48 I don't like him.

I meeeeean...

At least he's not a Rothschild or a choice that was clearly made for money.

But they have shitty biocompat and I just don't like him.
(10-11-2020, 02:17 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Like you should totally be able to be married to a guy and a chick, it should be legal cuz they've got different genitals.

Jesus Christ...

The things I do to appease my inner retard. lol
(10-11-2020, 02:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I just need to stop.


This ROFLCOPTER is far from landing!! lol
As an aside, did you ever finish either of her books? Enquiring minds...
Bro I read like half of her "Confessions" book one night (it's an easy read, my kinda shit for sure) like over a week ago and I haven't had time to finish it. I will though. That's one book I can safely say I absolutely will finish.

I'll probably update when I do.
I finished reading her "Confessions" book.

I gotta say, it was great. It was written around the time that the second season of the Simple Life was over.

It didn't feel cheap or thoughtless at all, like a book that just gets put out for publicity.

It was well thought out, genuine, funny, and it was cute.

But it also contained some pretty valuable info, principle based ideas that were useful and that I had actually not heard before.

Insider knowledge, if you will.

And it was all very friendly... Paris is a very compassionate person, and it showed in this book as well.

But there was only one thing that made me go WTF...

Toward the end of the book, it's stated that her birthdate is the 27th of February rather than the 17th.

Everything online and even her own birthday parties she shows on social media all revolve around the 17th though.

So I do wonder how quite a serious misprint (?) could have gone unnoticed or uncorrected.

All the astrology sites have her born Feb. 17 at 2:30AM... to know the exact time, they'd have had to look up birth records, which would have most certainly had her accurate date of birth on them.

I am assuming the date in the book must be an error... very odd.
Just for example, being born on the 27th would make her a Pisces rather than an Aquarius...

And she's an Aquarius for sure.
No way she's a Pisces...

If she were, she'd be writing poetry or some shit.
Congrats! Always nice to add another book to the "Read" shelf.

God would you just look at that sweet fuckin' body...

By far my fave pic of her. Hair's a lil too light for my tastes, but still looks fabulous.

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