Sooo, I kind of love closed captioning...
I have a long history of using closed captioning.

Back in like 2004-ish when I still watched TV (classic TV show channels), I used closed captioning a lot.

Fact of the matter is, sometimes I can't understand what the fuck people are saying and keeping closed captioning on really helps me to understand better.

I just love being able to read the words on the screen because I love words.

I even watch YouTube videos with closed captioning sometimes...

It makes me sad panda when videos don't have any captions.

Even some of my own videos have closed captions and I watched one of them on mute with CC the other day, LMAO!

Sometimes you catch things you would have otherwise missed when you use closed captions... like quiet dialogue in the background and stuff like that.
You're so cute MO!


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