What are You cooking?
Today... I smoked a small rack of pork ribs.
They turned out pretty good. Not my best but pretty good.

I hit 'em with a dry rub and fridged 'em overnight. Then fired up the Weber
today with some lump charcoal and a small chunk of hickory. First pic is them
going on raw. Second pic is after 2 1/2 hours. After that I sauced them, foiled
them and put them back on for 3 1/2 more hours. Last pic is them finished.

Bones just pulled away cleeeaaan. I Jimmy Hoffa'd half that rack! lol



Yum! I'm hungry. I'm coming over for dinner! Looks goood!!
-Jehanne la Pucelle-
Hopefully the weather holds out and I can do some more this weekend.
I'll be uploading my dinner photos later after I eat so I can let you guys know if it was good.

I haven't cooked a worthy of mention sorta dinner in a while, but tonight I was in the mood.
Cool. And this isn't a gourmet cooking thread. [Meaning it don't got to be fancy]
I just thought it'd be fun to share what we're rustling up to eat.

Even if it's just jazzed-up Ramen noodles. Or sandwiches! *loves sandwiches*

So this is my favorite Italian style dinner to make.

Tonight it had some pretty special ingredients in it though.

The pan was seasoned with sea salt, pepper, and onion powder. Then I added extra virgin olive oil and butter.

One of the most special ingredients was some dried shiitake mushroom that I soaked in salted boiling water to rehydrate and soften them.

I started sauteing some (frozen) red bell pepper, onion, green bell pepper, and baby leaf spinach. While that was cooking, I cut up some kalamata olives and some (store bought) whole roasted garlic cloves to add in later.

I added in a jar of seasoned artichoke hearts, and about 3 heaping spoonfuls of a (store bought) roasted tomato bruschetta toward the end of sauteing.

This was served on top of some angel hair pasta tossed with butter and olive oil seasoned with "Italian Seasoning" which is just your standard mix of all the necessary herbs/spices for making any good Italian dish.
Oh and it was very good.

Sounds awesome! I'd love to see the pic but fucking imgur is screwing me, AGAIN.
I click on the link and it brings up a grey-black screen... BLANK!

Signed in, signed out, same thing. Not sure what the deal is, been doing this a while now. : (
OK, fifty-thousand clicks later and no dice.
It goes to open the page like normal and I can see the heading and everything
then it turns black-grey and blank, no nothing. Just a little blue rectangular box
in the bottom right hand corner with the word "Privacy" in white letters.

It totally works for me...

It's gotta be your device but I dunno what would cause that.
Damn MO , that looks goood!!!
Ok, I'm coming over your place to eat too!
-Jehanne la Pucelle-
LOL, thanks 52!!!

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