Delete Your Facebook

Facebook In Deep Trouble As Hackers Begin Selling Stolen Private Messages

Yet Another Fuckup: Facebook Exposes Millions Of Users’ Private Data... Again

2.5 million US users register to vote using Facebook
-follow me-
People who are still using Facebook are way out of touch and way out of time.
(09-21-2020, 02:30 PM)52 Wrote: 2.5 million US users register to vote using Facebook

Oh how I wish it were April Fools.
All so-shill media needs to end.
If all those sites were abolished, the world would be a better place.

No more Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

They have caused irreparable damage to society.
20 year olds today never knew the internet without so-shill media... think about that shit.
That's their frame of reference.

Their solution for a shitty social site is a better social site.

Not a BBS or chatroom, or something else that would serve their purposes well.

The internet was so much better before social media. When people just went to blogs, forums etc and chatted with like minded people. Social media is proof that humans can't get along with others who have different views. It also exposes more people to human stupidity in general. I'm far more misanthropic than I was before things like Twitter.
I mean you can't just throw 2 billion people who have fuck all in common onto one website.

(09-22-2020, 11:43 AM)Devastatia Wrote: I mean you can't just throw 2 billion people who have fuck all in common onto one website.

Can you imagine if the other 5.594 billion started piling in?
they don't need facebook. 
your phone's chips are all chinese. 
your internet is controlled by big data
using your phone is as "unsecure and retarded" as using facebook. 
facebook's just bad only in the fact it's a social zombie farm.
replicant clone minds installed into once human beings. 
delete your grid access. if you're paranoid.... smart guys. 

opening up a facebook page 'psychologically' though... is very dumb in the sense
it's like shitting on your face intentionally without a reason other than an impulse. 

and voting? people really are going to bring that into this? as if voting hasn't always and always will be
of no use to the voters who decided nothing? 

the head has the hurts.

"private data"

again I type:

Delete your Facebook.

That is all.


⦈3⸤3⸆3 ᪪๏uR F▵⋐3BɵɸK.

Y'all know what to do.

Yes, it's Bill Maher... but it totally provides more ammunition for the "delete facebook" guns. 




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