Alex Jones Destroys Drone with Actual Sword (and sends a message to Soros)

It's a kind of alchemy, that Alex can take things that seem gimmicky and campy out of the gate and convert them into something powerful just through the exertion of his will and energy.
0:55 - "Hnnyyaaaaah!!!" *sword-chops drone*

ROFLMAO!! Bwahhahahahahahahahaha!!
Wheeeeeew, goddang, emotions been tough this week.
Can't stress enough just how hard that grunt-chop made me leurl.
this is what we all need to do to our computers , that keyboard is a gateway to the devil
mo is a demon and lives in my hard drive
(10-01-2020, 08:40 PM)Guest Wrote: this is what we all need to do to our computers

I mean pretty much.
While I'm pretty sure Bill Gates is the Antichrist, what with his mandatory digital wu flu immunity certificates and all, the perils of owning a demon-possessed computer per se can largely be negated by switching to Linux.

The problem with Linux is the lack of programs/apps that you may want/need.

This is coming from somebody who doesn't know jack diddly shit about the inner workings though, admittedly, and any possible workarounds that might exist...

The main problem with GNU/Linux is marketing and public relations. The programs are there, but they usually have funky names based on nerdy inside jokes in the GNU community.

Well that's always sort of been the personality and essence of Linux.
What 'designer drug' is this ass on??

I mean seriously.
-follow me-
(10-02-2020, 04:48 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Well that's always sort of been the personality and essence of Linux.

Yeah. GNU programs aren't commercial products, so there's neither a marketing budget nor a financial incentive to give them mass appeal. Nevertheless, they're on par with their commercial rivals.

To be fair, some Windows and Mac programs have stupid names too. God only knows what "excel" has to do with spreadsheets. Some Mac programs, such as Text Wrangler, have a trippy-hippie lingo of their own that I can't be arsed to learn just to edit a text file. I'd rather use vim.

What if Windows itself switched to Linux though? There's talk of Microsoft ditching the NT kernel and releasing future versions of Windows as an NT compatibility layer running on a custom Linux distro. Linux has already been doing this for 27 years with Wine, so most of the code has been written for free.

Will Microsoft turn Windows 10 into a yet another Linux distro?
Gardiner Bryant

And, of course, the Macintosh has been running Unix since the release of OS X in 2001.


Since you're going to be running some variant of Unix no matter which way you go, you may as well use the one that won't nickle and dime you to death, spy on you, or intentionally render your hardware obsolete after a few years.

Great post... very informative for folks like me.
As it turns out, the Wine developers knew that Linux must run Windows programs in order to compete with Windows, which is why they created Wine. Another reason is the national security risk of having most governments, businesses, and households dependent on a single implementation of Windows. Also, malware can't spread as easily if the network has diverse Windows implementations.

Dear god Almighty

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