What about those women who were married to serial killers and didn't know it???

Do you think those chicks are dumb as shit, normie types who just don't understand what the fuck is going on at any given moment??

I feel like they HAD to know SOMETHING was up.

Cuz I mean...

Think about the type of woman a serial killer would even choose to marry.

There have gotta be qualifications there, just the same way they choose victims.
I think it depends on the kinda serial killer you're dealing with too, like...

Does he only kill when he's away on business trips??
So many questions though.
(10-14-2020, 10:46 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Think about the type of woman a serial killer would even choose to marry.
There have gotta be qualifications there, just the same way they choose victims.

Well, off the top of the ol' noggin, I'd imagine a SK would want someone
that kind of anchored his image into wholesomeness. Ya know, pillar-of-the-community

"Oh, good ol' Bessie was laying out the blankets at the church picnic and
our eyes locked over a big glass bowl of the pastors' wifes' macaroni salad..."

Someone that could almost BE an alibi, should he ever need one.
Also, someone not too bright in the bulb department. ; )

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a serial killer. Just for the record and all.
Also, they'd have to be submissive. Majorly so.
Like one of those "God-fearin' wohmerns that questions not a single thing said/done by the husband".
Super loyal, like YouTube-subscriber-white-knight-ALL-DAY kinda loyal. In the face of ANYTHING!
She'd also have to have her "own life" to an extent. Book Club, sewing circle, bridge night, etc.

But no mind to ever get "uppity". Cuz that I imagine would be the Achilles Heel to the whole charade.
Me, I like a gal with a little starch to 'em. Submissive at the right times, ha, but otherwise an equal.

*black woman's voice* "Mmm, babeh I'm WAY too scatterbrained to be no damn serial killer, mmhmm..."

: )
I looked up "married to a serial killer" on YouTube and found like one video that looked promising at all...

Even she admits herself that she's a generally naive person.

She doesn't seem dumb as a box of rocks or anything though.

I'm not really satisfied with this example because her husband doesn't sound like a very memorable serial killer...

There must be better examples out there.
That BTK dude had EVERYBODY fooled, AND fucked up!
Crazy train on loopy rails yo!
I meeeean...

I GUESS he had everyone fooled but LOL, just look at the guy.

He LOOKS the part.

I've seen people in public who looked evil as shit and nobody seemed to notice...

Sorry but you really can judge a book by its cover.
I just did a Google images gander and being totally honest I gotta
say I'm caught 1/2 way between "angry dad" and "something AIN'T right" vibes.

Certainly his post-arrest photos show the obvious signs but I don't know...
I guess there was a little of the crazy-eyes going on in his younger pics.

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