I saw this thumbnail, and I was like oh I GOTTA watch THAT shit!!!!!!!!!
Dancing Banana 
And let me just preface this by saying, I'm sure this is a sad story. I'm sure it's honestly damn near tragic...

But COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!
*pauses video and skips right to comment section*

It's sad.
You know it's gotta be bad when the top comments aren't even jokes, LMAO.
It's GOTTA BE psychological.
Dude this video...

I don't know man.

Is this even true??

LOL. I dunno.
I mean what they blame it on is... I guess, plausible.

But there's gotta be more to it than that.

Heck maybe not though.
Damn y'all. Don't injure your backs, moral of the story.
I could cure that mega perv . he needs a good caning
Are they dry-nuts? Cuz I'm pretty sure ANY dude is gonna be shooting
blanks after about eight or nine Hail Mary's. Fuck a hundo of all THAT!
Gotta be.
It could be the result of brain damage. Sexual stimulation happens in the brain. You can stick an electric wire in someone's brain in just the right spot and make them orgasm by turning on the juice.
SWIM conducted an "experiment" in his early-mid 20's. Consisting of eight such "events"
in one day. SWIM reported that by the fifth launch his thoughts were "Why am I doing
this to myself?" Which was met by a sharp, condescending tone of "This is for science,
shut up." By the fourth excursion there appeared to be quite "diminished returns". This would
continue in the same direction throughout. Until finally, a "dry-run" being the result of the
eighth hoorah. Sensitivity and pleasure began waning by the third test until the seventh.

The eighth and final act taking a somewhat backward turn towards the slightly more
pleasurable. All in all, it was deduced that there's really no substantial reason to commit
to a certain kind of act more than thrice in one day.

SWIM was a fruitcake. I don't talk to him anymore... Eek

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