December 21, 2020: Rare Jupiter & Saturn Alignment Not Seen Since The Year 1226
Any wrongdoings during this next 6 years perpetrated by any old guard societal structures/entities will not be forgotten and will seal the deal on their fate.
If they even make it at all.
(11-24-2020, 01:11 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Literally it has been the worst time in my life for more reasons than I can even begin to explain.

Come on everybody!   Group Hug  We gotcha kiddo!
(11-25-2020, 04:16 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: What's coming down the pike is a big ol' collective "Fuck it"...

YES! My people!! lol

Quote:I think it's about to be on.

Aay, how YOU doin?? ROFL

Sorry, I'm still in 'Jersey mode ova heeuh. lol

I didn't want to start a new thread for this cuz I don't know just how significant it really 
is but I saw something talking about Venus being in Sagittarius from Dec. 15, 2020 until
Jan. 8, 2021. And since I have Venus in Sag it kinda sparked my interest.

If I can find anything cool and/or informative I'll throw it in here.
Just putting a pin in this for now...
It's your Venus return...
Thanks homegirl. \m/MO\m/
I'm guessing there's more of a takeaway from that article than my thinking I need to just
cover my bed with rose petals and "do things to myself" cuz "I'm a good boy and deserve it!" lmao

I'm not always the best reader. "Readin? Whatcha wanna do that fer??" Shoutout Bill Hicks! : )
OK, OK... I'ma YT this thang cuz lately I'm more a video guy than a words-to-eyeballs guy.

Cover me, I'm goin' in!!
Two weeks to go...
So it's back to articles now, lol.

After a good ol' scrolling on YT I've come to two conclusions.

1) India is puttin' in the WORK on astrology videos. Of ALL kinds! Shoutout to the Hindis!
2) Ain't nobody sayin dogpiss about this event from what I can see. Not yet anyway.

My two search terms were "venus in sagittarius" and "venus return 2020".
No sweat, I'll look in on it again later today but for now, articles are my bang.
-follow me-
(12-19-2020, 01:56 AM)52 Wrote: Bump

You have a baby bump? How auspicious. Congrats!
I forgot to report back, haha - classic Me!

Anyway, a Venus return supposedly covers three days:
The day Before.
The day Of.
The day After.

So long story short - I'm locking myself in my room, away from ALL other forms of life until those
three days pass! Cuz if you encounter any bad shit in those three days, that mess will follow you
for the whole next year... or something to that effect.

Gonna be a great/rough three days! Eek

"He who must go out, search for the door."
Just as an update...

Lastnight I saw a photo which answered my earlier question of who is holding the influence here, Saturn or Jupiter.

The photo depicted Jupiter and its moons in the bottom right corner, and Saturn in the top left corner.

One of Jupiter's moons was farther out than the rest...

It was as if Jupiter was on guard, protecting us from Saturn, with one sentinel moon out in front, ready for dispatch, as if to say "Saturn, stay in line right now."

Now it is a bit silly to think anything can keep Saturn in line...

But if anybody can, it's Jupiter.

Jupiter is out in front guarding and protecting, and Saturn must submit at this time to the benevolent energies of Jupiter.

How can this work?? Well, Saturn has JUST changed signs from Capricorn into Aquarius...

He's busy with other things, but with Saturn, that doesn't ever really mean you're in the clear.

Jupiter is making sure that he knows it's going to be complicated and not really worth his time to pull any rough stuff...

Because at the end of the day, Father Time regards efficiency above all. That is why we're saved from Saturn right now.
Defo don't watch the Smurfs on Acid, just sayin! Yds
Even better than the real thing.


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