December 21, 2020: Rare Jupiter & Saturn Alignment Not Seen Since The Year 1226
David Palmer/The Leo King has been talking about this alignment for years...

Jupiter and Saturn will basically be right on top of each other, from earth's point of view.

Saturn is known as "Father Time" and is a serious planet symbolizing discipline, restrictions, maturity, etc.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion... so it will be magnifying Saturn's traits.

The predictions surrounding this alignment have been sorta doomy, but since Jupiter is a jovial planet, I don't think it's all gloom.

I think it will be possible to have fun no matter what happens.

More info...

From 2017:

And a very interesting article...
Pluto = planet of destruction and the underworld.
Remember that dream you had last year with the old man chasing you?
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
On December 18th, Saturn will officially be in Aquarius until 2023.

Capricorn is the steadfast sign of discipline, routine, structure, basically all the same things Saturn stands for...

Saturn's closeout with its home sign of Capricorn is going to put the kabash on some shit.

When it enters Aquarius, it'll be all about sweeping changes to the world, ones that SHOULD be pretty visionary and groundbreaking. Should be fun on at least some level.

But Saturn is the taskmaster, and these changes will be approached in a serious kind of way... this will be a time when people fight to reach beyond boundaries and go farther than ever before.

Aquarius is the humanitarian sign. It hates normality and boredom. It likes independence. It's detached emotionally and more connected to the "masses" than to any individual.
(11-24-2020, 01:08 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: Remember that dream you had last year with the old man chasing you?

My Saturn return is finally fucking over in December and I cannot wait.
Literally it has been the worst time in my life for more reasons than I can even begin to explain.
People don't realize that the Saturn return essentially takes 5 years.
Astrology is 100% real and accurate and nothing can convince me otherwise.
I also find it interesting that Dec. 21, 2012 was supposed to be the end of the world.
12/21 is also the date was registered.
(11-24-2020, 12:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: David Palmer/The Leo King has been talking about this alignment for years...

(04-24-2020, 12:34 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

There's also a chance that Jupiter in front of Saturn could break Saturn's chains...

There may be a breaking point here that turns things around with regards to the restrictions we've been seeing on every facet of society...

SOMETHING is gonna happen here...

With Jupiter in front, it could be for the better.
With Saturn leaving Capricorn for good (the next 30 years), he will be closing the door on his most powerful and extreme positioning, and that could bring an end to some of this bondage we've been seeing in the world.

With Jupiter out in front of him pulling on the chains with its expansive force and him being out of Capricorn and in transit to solid Aquarius (breaking beyond bounds), those chains may snap.
If the chains do snap, people are gonna go wild...

And with Saturn being in Aquarius, they won't just go wild, they'll make it their duty and job to be able to continue going wild.

They will WORK toward going wild.

This is humanitarian energy though...

After being so restricted and locked down for an entire year?

If people get a taste of that spiked punch, good luck making them go quiet again.
People will choose hedonism...

Jupiter is Sagittarian energy.

They want what looks good, feels good...

They want pleasure.

If Saturn's chains snap and people get a taste of the wild side...

They won't give it up again, they'd rather die, and they won't be afraid to die either.
What's coming down the pike is a big ol' collective "Fuck it"...

They wanna feel good, they want to touch each other, they want to look good...

I think it's about to be on.
People are about to get lost in sensuality...

And I am not talking about the oversaturation of sex and all that stupid bullshit that's been foisted upon us by the media for so long either.

I'm talking REAL sensuality...

The pleasures of life, nature, substances, food, just engaging all the senses.

Over the next 6 or so years, we'll see Saturn in Aquarius, which is the WORKING toward, DETERMINATION toward these sensual pleasure pursuits...

And Saturn in Pisces is getting absolutely lost in them until you are reborn into Saturn in Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the next life/phase.

We're about to see transmutation by engaging the senses, and by way of hedonism...

And hedonism isn't always bad, in fact, at this particular time, it is wholly necessary.
It takes people realizing that all they really care about and all they're really willing to work toward anymore is feeling good...

And the upcoming chain breaking alignment is going to open peoples' eyes to the depth of this desire.

It'll be all they care to live for, and they will fight for it in the same way they'd kill for food if they were starving.
People will go humanitarian with a hedonistic bent in Saturn/Aquarius, then they will burn out hard and shoot their wads, get all introverted and confused in Saturn/Pisces...

By the time Saturn enters Aries (2026), it'll be a whole new world, and one forged foremostly out of the desire for intellectual connectivity among humanity.
Intellectual connectivity is the destination... hedonism is the vehicle.

Saturn/Aries is a positioning of extreme individuality and Aries being the warrior, this individuality is non-negotiable.

There may be no authority figures left standing by 2026, particularly if they were not willing to follow suit with with the goal of pleasure and enjoyment.

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