Gothix: The #WalkAway Movement's Rising Star
There seems to be a wave of people expressing relief about the fact that they don't have to bow down to social media peer pressure. It's like a safe trend now. Worse than those people are the ones who are actually jumping on that new bandwagon to get subs and likes. Meanwhile, you've been out here kicking ass and giving nary a fuck year after year after year, with not much to show for it other than your integrity. I can't imagine anyone who has had the pleasure of interacting with you being able to then find this video interesting. It's like a watered down, temporal, phony, super-lesser version of you, if that. You posting this video here would be like Michael Jordan posting a video of Special Olympics basketball on his personal forum, just without the implied altruism. 

People virtue signaling about the paltry reality of virtue signaling? Is that where it's at now? I mean... when does it end? Jesus fucking christ. 

"Look at me, I have THESE views while all these OTHER people have these OTHER views, so I'm interesting and strong and soaring mightily above the lowest common denominator like a phoenix-dragon-eagle-rainbow". Fuck off with that shit. You're looking into a camera and making noise come out of the hole in your face. Anyone youtuber who refers to themselves as an "influencer" should be publicly flogged. That's an amazing excuse to bring back public flogging.
Well I mean...

I'm suspicious of everyone.

Me posting this chick is not me endorsing her...

But I think she's an undeniably refreshing injection into a tired, sluggish system.

Everyone should be hoping her channel can grow and not be interfered with...

YouTube as a platform is way, way out of balance.
Oh this is a dangerous video to cover...

Wonder if this upload will stay up?

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