Barbara Eden: Most beautiful woman of all time...
I want cowboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1:55 ROFL!

Okay, now I feel an uncontrollably ferocious need to bang and it's never gonna be better until I somehow find a way to travel back in time and grind upon at least 2 average-to-good looking, legitimate cowboys... or ONE insanely good looking cowboy.
God, everyone was so good looking in the 1970s.

Just imagine how hot everyone must have been in the 1870s.

It's just been a process of degradation ever since.

I mean, apart from the fucked up teeth everybody had (I learned about this at the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City), they ALL must have been just insanely hot.
"The Brass Bottle" (1964)
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Whoa, what the fuck?? I'd never even heard of that movie.

So was I Dream of Jeannie a spin-off from that movie then?? Seems like it.


So much has gone down, y'all.

You know what I'm saying?

Like just in the history of TV and film...

A lot has gone down.
"I Dream of Jeannie...Fifteen Years Later" (1985)
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1:19:10 what the fuck?!
And lmao @ the uploader name.

See this is why I don't think BitChute will ever really replace YouTube.

But at least they have some pretty fire uploads of movies/TV.
That was some hardcore Freudian shit right there though...

It's definitely not a "good" movie but it's an '80s perspective of Jeannie, even if we never needed to see that.
The '80s just have this sorta ick vibe that Jeannie doesn't go with.

The music, the fashion... it ain't Jeannie at all.

They need to get a Barbara Eden lookalike and take Jeannie into the 2020s.

There's gotta be a chick who looks enough like her out there somewhere.

Jeannie never ages so I think it'd be important to find an actress they can use for a long time in this role...

Not too young but not too old, there should be a perfect lookalike out there somewhere in the world who's like ~21, and get her on the job for the better part of a decade making new Jeannie content.

She's GOTTA look like Barbara Eden though, that part is non-negotiable.
They should do some Disney style shit like have 2020s Jeannie husband (Tony Nelson) recently deceased so she's a widower now, and like make no mention of her son or anything...

Just make it like Jeannie's 1000 years old now or whatever but she still looks 25 and she's back on the prowl living the single life in a modern world.
Like she was married to Tony until he died at 100 or whatever and now she's trying to tackle the 2020s on her own, make it zany and stylish.
They need to do an all out PROJECT with this lookalike Barbara Eden of the 2020s too.

They need to do some shit they've never done before.

Like film A LOTTTTTT of shows (episodes) and movies in advance with this one actress, then trickle release it over like...

Fuck I dunno, 20 years??

Because Jeannie's storyline is that she's hundreds of years old.

We need to endear a Jeannie replacement that Barbara Eden can pass the torch to before she dies, and make this new Jeannie an historical situation, like a never before taken approach to a LONGTERM role.
It should be this whole big thing where they find this uncanny almost eerily similar Barbara Eden lookalike, then film the two of them together in a torch passing ceremony before Barbara dies or is simply unable to appear on camera anymore due to old age.
She's like 90, they need to get on this FAST.

And it doesn't even matter if this Jeannie replacement can "act" or not.

Literally, directors and editing can fucking deal with that.

She should be wholesome and broadly likable just the way Barbara has been.
She was pretty hot, but there was others.
I think she took it up the ass from Larry Hagman.
"Tabitha Episode 1" 1977
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Hold On

Tabitha came along in 1966 and would have been 10 years old when this show about her as an adult came out.

I just...



I Can't
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