Tried to put an Ant outside
Its just went schizo. I think it bit me. I got it on a bit of paper. Why do I try to help the animals? I would never harm them.
here is an article for yous

its not from the movie idiocracy, its real
If it can't crawl onto a paper towel and be smart enough to stay on it, it don't go outside.

Spiders go in cups though. You gotta shake it around in a circular motion to keep 'em from climbing up the sides though.
I pick up big buggers like this and put em outside with my hands.
I put the same one outside 5 times once and it kept coming back like "awww hai dad can I live in your house?"
"No fucker this my house you live in tree!" They like stray cats.

You got to open the door first cos you have to cup them in your hands so they don't run everywhere.
They not poisonous but have huge fangs and can bite but usually don't bite but if do just feel like cutting yourself while cooking.
It can get infected though but humans are immune to their infectious fang bacteria.

Unlike these buggers never touch them.
I don't live near them though but they have southern cousins who can be toxic.

Ants are horrid bastards it seems going in the air? Cuts them off from the RF freq from the queen?
So they go schizo? I hate ant bites.

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