theta token
tested $3, held.
tested $4, held.
tested $5, held.
tested $6, held.
tested $7, held.
tested $8, held.
currently testing $9.

TFUEL : THETA :: 20 : 1 [start of this last THETA pump after TFUEL pump]
TFUEL : THETA :: 30 : 1 [where we are now]

i think they intend to keep the ratio between 20-30:1... even though that's $100 TFUEL @ $2000 THETA. lil tough wrappin my head around this part.
rhombus will set you free.
(03-21-2021, 02:52 PM)genba Wrote: even though that's $100 TFUEL @ $2000 THETA.


Granted we are at the very beginning of the beginning, lol... but stuff like this still concerns me.

I look forward to seeing what happens though.
do keep in mind the amount of TFUEL is not static. it's currently 5 billion, but guardian nodes can vote to add more. not exactly sure how that works, i think the nodes get an airdrop and then we'd dump em onto the market to suppress the price.


clif had noted a 3 day period for THETA but didn't know what it was about. at this point, it was clearly its unleashing. i've hit a number of 5x gains in the past year and it feels great. i don't feel that with THETA's current run. i feel like this 5x is NOTHING compared to what's to come.
rhombus will set you free.

$13.33 THETA

jfc tfw all in
rhombus will set you free.
It's gonna be insane.
Been waiting years for something like this.
expect to see real chaos at some point. massive downturns in all markets, exchanges getting shut down, dollar goin all fucky. that'll be proof we're on the right track. couple months away prolly.

dissolve the corporation.
dissolve the vatican.
dissolve the banks.

resolve humanity.

rhombus will set you free.

tl;dr big update delayed til 6-30 so they can fully and properly syphon off all of ETH's NFTs and smartcontracts.

NFTs [nifties] are how movies, music, games, and whatnot will be sold in the future. they seem to intend to hit the ground running. we've had a pretty good pullback on THETA today, not as much as i'd like tho lol. i'd LOVE to see it back at $5 so i could drop another grand on it.
rhombus will set you free.

wonder which chain he's going to go with for his NFTs...
rhombus will set you free.
under $10 right now. intuition is tellin me that this is the last 'on sale' weekend.
rhombus will set you free.
Yeah, I think we're basically at the bottom... the question is really just how long will it take to start rising back up.

This most recent crypto crash is over, seems like now we're just chillin'... the bottom numbers have been pretty interesting from a numerological standpoint too.
Probably some pretty serious studies being done right now...

Seems like the most recent buy-in op of the crypto market in general has already sailed, it'll stay the same or go up from here.

I think they want to keep things controlled because of these studies they're doing.
I don't think this is necessarily the time they're inviting the masses in...

They did their Robinbhood experiment...

They'll probably want to study what steps the crypto noobs take from here.

They have name dropped and seeded the masses, but they still haven't made it all that easy for them to partake.

The price is gonna get pretty high if they let the markets just go straight back up though...

Either they'll have to create another buy-in op in the future, or they will sustain low prices until they make it easier for the masses to invest.

My guess is, this ride up to the top is already filled. It's kinda like a rollercoaster, only so many are gonna fit on the ride and the rest gotta wait to ride it later.

No idea what's gonna happen though... that's what's kinda thrilling about crypto. You place your bets, you get on the ride, then you just wait for the action.
50k btc is said to be the longterm support crash zone after it runs to 90k.

theta is said to do 10x runs then 50% corrections. $1.60—>$16.00—>$8.00 is what we just saw.

wouldn't recommend tryin to swing trade next dip and rise.
rhombus will set you free.
Yeah, that is in the ballpark of what I figured too, so this is really good to see.
(05-15-2021, 04:04 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They have name dropped and seeded the masses, but they still haven't made it all that easy for them to partake.

Crypto can be daunting at first, and sometimes it takes people a few years to accept the idea.

At this rate of progress it would probably only take upwards of a year to crack even the hardest nuts and win them over to the side of crypto...

That's if it's made very easy for your average Joe to trade and play with it.

This is why I say, within about 4 years, we'll all either be mega rich, or none of this crypto will exist anymore.
With the CRAZY shit that has been going down globally lately, NOTHING would surprise me (at all), and I'm actually much more entertained than I anticipated.

I'd say anything can happen, but I do think some crazy shit is gonna go down.

Could be good, could be not good. We'll see! It's popcorn time regardless.
wow i flubbed this timing, lol. what a bloodbath!

hodl me tight.
rhombus will set you free.
Nah everything is fine...

Gotta have a good crash every now and then.

They created a better buy-in op than I expected them to...

But it makes sense they'd need to make it swing low.
The farther it falls, the higher it's gonna go next time.

Tis the rule and buy-in ops should be embraced, they're healthy.

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