theta token

last year, bix weir forecasted a 40x gain in it. he was correct, 5 cents to $2. he's callin for similar gains this year.

tl;dr it's decentralized video streaming indexing and other stuff. i've been runnin the edge node and it works alright. works well. most ethereum based erc-20 tokens can be ported over for faster and cheaper transactions.

btc should go to ~100k so 3-5x gains on tokens will be easy.

i get my theta on
rhombus will set you free.
Baller, dude, thanks for tipping us off!!!

Wonder if they'll really be adopted into Samsung products??
Shit tons of $$$ to be gained from investing if so.
so far 4384 types of crypto

there was 4060 when I checked 1 week ago

Crypto Boom. People are freaked out and fiending hard over crypto right now... the sheeples are just now finding out about it and think it's some amazing new thing, LOL!
Dancing Banana 
Mainstream crypto...

Dry Heave
theta approaching tree fiddy. lionsgate deal. much more to come. mainnet 3.0 april 28th, massive marketing campaign.

lean into this and change your life.
rhombus will set you free.
tfuel also has enormous upside, and swapability to other tokens via thetaswap. likely higher gains possible in the short term, but not longterm.
rhombus will set you free.
over $4.20 today. someone get rich with me? <3
rhombus will set you free.
I actually own some TFuel and THETA token... so I am really looking forward to what happens here!!!

Get some, mofos!!!

You're a few months late, but better late than never on something like this.
target still $3,000+ per coin. some things i've learned so far:

theta edge node
staking TFUEL through the edge node doesn't get you a ton. the minimum requirement is 10,000 TFUEL and i only got like a handful of TFUEL as staking reward. of course, my node literally updated 10 minutes ago and reset my tally.

edge cache is where the TFUEL is. it's based on location and interest, so it's not steady, but when it hits it's great. i'm not sure i'd recommend doing this without a 1gb fiber connection, but i also don't recommend living without a 1gb fiber connection. i get a couple dozen TFUEL from this.

compute is one i haven't been doing much. as i understand it, much better compute tasks are coming down the road, with video transcoding and pay for distributed computing tasks.

theta guardian node
you definitely need a better computer and internet connection for this one. saw lots of people complaining about it not working - no, your connection and pc are just shit and it cannot catch up.

takes a nontrivial amount of theta to run one of these, currently 1,000 or more staked to it. i'm only gettin a couple TFUEL a day on this, which is rather disappointing. i know there are times at which guardian nodes may vote on the release of more TFUEL, a mechanism to balance the economy, but i'm kinda feelin like this isn't worth running. still gonna, tho.

TFUEL's price is basically rigged by binance, as well as the network itself. if the price of TFUEL gets too high, nodes will vote more TFUEL into existence. if TFUEL gets too cheap, people just stake it, reducing liquidity. binance hold the majority of TFUEL and they're slowly releasing it into the wild. TFUEL will maybe go to a dollar or somethin.

it takes 55 hours to unstake. so, we just saw a big bump over $4.20, over double what a bunch of people paid at $2 not long ago. a lot of people will begin the unstaking process and sell off in a couple days. makes a nice lil teeter-totter effect where, after a jump in THETA price, it'll dip back down for you to buy some more.

some might try to play THETA vs TFUEL and bounce back and forth. that could work, but you gotta be intuitive and lucky as shit.
this is going to end up in all samsung and sony devices. all of them. amazing time to get in on a huge future platform and get visibility and growth. it's probably gonna be the youtube AND twitch killer. i'm in the process of learning how the streaming works.
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Amazing information Genba...

You ROCK dude.
(03-04-2021, 11:40 AM)genba Wrote: target still $3,000+ per coin.

Dude? If that's true? Then a lot of people are gonna get very, very rich.
Theta is the most exciting thing that has happened in crypto since crypto came about IMO.
indeed and agreed...
rhombus will set you free.
so they changed how tfuel is issued to guardian nodes, and i'm getting WAYY more now than i used to. bonus, they're worth a lot more, too. edge nodes should be updated on mainnet 3.0 for tfuel staking, maybe before.

binance has unstaked 33,000,000 tokens. $231M worth. they're the main liquidity provider of theta and tfuel, basically setting the price. they also rig just about everything else. someone bought up a shit ton of theta with this current run. i'm pretty sure coinbase is stacking and major exchanges are preparing for an insane rush into theta. it is likely to 10x between now and end of april.

i'm going to stop posting about it very soon. theta's utility and place will soon be obvious. it'll be in the top 4 household name cryptos, btc, eth, doge, theta. and tfuel gets dragged along too. congrats to all who have gotten in or are still getting in!
rhombus will set you free.
Keep us updated on this, Genba... we'll appreciate it.
Crazy times y'all, anything could happen!!!
(03-13-2021, 05:05 PM)genba Wrote: binance has unstaked 33,000,000 tokens. $231M worth. they're the main liquidity provider of theta and tfuel, basically setting the price.

Sounds a little "centralized-y" to me...

But I expect that dynamic will change.
yeah... it's a weird conclusion i kinda came to myself a while back, to set up a system that really works well you kinda gotta start somewhere. proof of work coins are cumbersome, proof of stake like theta is much better. but then you generally want to mint all of them at the start, and who holds which bags, and all that can become an issue.

the inside view of theta tokens. scroll down to validator nodes, they are the bigguns. binance @ 93m theta [33m on withdraw], theta labs with 6 nodes ~30m, google/blockchain/gumi some millions. samsung owns one of those slots, as does sony. coinbase is likely to be one or be getting one. my quick math tells me that's about 30% of all thetas in those validator nodes. somethin tells me that the validator nodes are meant to settle on 30m max later on, which would mean binance is still sittin on someone else's bag after this big withdrawal. might just be to let loose into the market.

the 53-55 hour withdraw from stake time is quite interesting. it stifles emotion based reactions in that by the time your theta unstakes, that dip has probably already recovered. 59% of all theta are staked atm. this lowers liquidity, which helps price, which makes you want to keep staking, cus tfuel is goin up too. it's brilliant how they've done this.

this is going to be the legit big time crypto application. i'm pretty sure this will be the main NFT marketplace for movies, games, etc. lionsgate and sony deals tell me that. they're done with theaters, they need digital distribution and theta is designed just for it. this isn't going to be an anonymous sneaky sneaks coin, neither is tfuel. theta will be a governance token while tfuel will be a currency, regulation-wise. i'm okay with that. this digital fiat 1971 dollar nonsense has to end and we need another system to bridge the gap into the future. can't use silver coins online!

the biggest worry with proof of stake coins is the owners dumping the early massive bag but i don't think many of those get big these days. massive partnerships like sony, samsung, google, blockchain, binance.. this is the type of grouping that creates DVD format or bluray or HD designations or cell tower specifications that filter out into everything we use. they're not gonna fuck this up. this next month is gonna be amazing.
rhombus will set you free.

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