Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...
I hope you're having a great time Fungus...

Only because of you dude
(06-24-2022, 08:38 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Mama Uganda: Woman with 'hyperovulation' has given birth to 40 children


That's pretty gosh darned remarkable.

(06-24-2022, 08:51 PM) Wrote: She made her own damn village

(06-24-2022, 08:52 PM)Chatwoman Wrote: Pretty cool, honestly.

I bet Elon Musk wishes he could score himself a willing breeder with this rare hyperovulation condition...

He should seek out the hottest one in the world.

In no way am I joking.

Elon's been dead silent on Twitter lately, he must be holding out.

This is Elon's version of playing hard to get.
Sexy beast.

I guess those are some of Elon's kids. The originals, twins and triplets. Xavier would be the one not in attendance.

I am assuming those are his kids since they all kinda look like him.

Kinda crazy how Xavier ducked out mega hard on daddio even to the extent that he snubbed meeting the Pope...

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't wanna meet the Pope either but holy shit! That's some deep dislike for daddy.
You can tell the kid on the far right is different, notice how he's not standing in the typical "on guard" male pose with his hands clasped in front of him. I GUESS that's Elon's kid, kinda hard to tell what he looks like from that pic, but I actually appreciate his uniqueness in this instance because he seems to just be lovin' life and not giving too much of a fuck in the moment.
The one directly in the middle looks most like Elon and my money would be on him to be super into the legacy and what Elon is trying to do.
I assume the one with the really long hair is Xavier's twin.
And if those AREN'T even his kids, well then just kiss my ass... I'm not the arbiter of all things Elon, okay.

I think that's supposed to be Elon's 40th b-day event and that's his ex-wife. So this would be a pretty old pic.

Definitely looks freaky and gives me sex party vibes, but whatevs... he said she designed the dress and the whole event and he complimented her over it all on Twitter, so my main takeaway from it is at least he's still kind to his exes.
Elon's always making self deprecating comments about his attire and other physical attributes like he's fishing for compliments or something...

Hopefully he's just trolling.

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