Elon Musk pumping Dogecoin...
Interesting choice of a crypto to get behind...
Wonder how long this will go on?

He's been pumping it for close to a week.
Is this just a single dude pumping and planning to dump a crypto??

That'd be kinda fucked up...

Most people who know anything about investing would understand what he's doing if that's the case...

How would those folks feel about him??

Lil detestable?

Am I wrong?

Is Elon gonna adopt a crypto and make it his own??

Is that even possible??

Is it a simple pump & dump, or is it more than that??
Is Elon really choosing Dogecoin to be something big, or is he just trying to fuck people?

If he's just pumping/dumping, won't that piss people off? Or are people too dumb to get that?

How long will this whole process take??
He's been tweeting about Doge for damn near a week...

Now accepting Bitcoin for payment re: Tesla.

What's his plan?
Tesla acquires $1.5b in BTC...

Won't be any BTC left in circulation if this keeps up.
doge is babby's first crypto. low cost, low transaction fee, meme-fest. it's to prime the minds of the kids away from the central fiat nonsense. his real move is into btc.
Thank you Genba!!! Makes perfect sense!!!
Dogecoin, cheap AF to teach people how, then into BTC which is the big boy coin and the goal.
Playing both sides against each other.

Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Elon and his ilk are experimenting with the crypto markets right now...

People should be calling him out on it either for how irresponsible it is, or how intentional it is.
(02-08-2021, 10:35 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: He's been tweeting about Doge for damn near a week...

Now accepting Bitcoin for payment re: Tesla.

What's his plan?

someone is draining the comex of physical silver. rumor is it's elon musk. watch the left hand poke at doge while the right hand stacks millions of ounces of silver.
I know that. If this great depression happens. The government will must abandon the monetary system for a new one
so its all going to be digitial currency. No paper money. Transactions with phones and stuff.
But I think as soon as they do go Digital. Bitcoin might not succeed. Since its not a monitored monetary system.
Although visa and everyone else is jumping into bitcoin. I think things will likely change to other digital currencies before bitcoin.
I know people argue bitcoin is impossible to get rid of. kinda like its impossible to shut down... illegal downloadin

So the future of bitcoin is on edge. And when new digital currency is mainstream thats where you might start see market volatility in bitcoin
I've noticed the MSM smearing Elon lately and doing him dirty...

I predict they're comin' for him.
Wow man...

I never would have figured an original $10 investment in Doge would end up being worth this much.

That's pretty crazy.

I wish some of the BS coins I bought 20K+ of would do this, ROFL!!!
Dude you should try and become his babysitter and personal shopper. Find out what grimes is up to and see if that baby is part alien . You could tell us when elon is getting ready to tweet or if him and grimes is fighting or when they are smoking doobies and taking lsd. Just imagine the potentual
i used to win and lose dogecoin by the millions in dice bot sites.

Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Having reached an all time high of $0.44, Doge is now immortal...

What an interesting and wonderful thing to witness, lmao!!!

Doge has always been a coin with a sense of humor, and you guys know what I've been saying about humor lately...

It's the answer to all life's problems and ails!!!

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