WandaVision is Superincredible
Now that I've seen episode 7, which is absolutely the motherfucking SHIT, TITS, BALLS, VAG, SUN, STAR of the universe, I feel massively safe in saying that this series is the greatest fucking thing, among all things, of all time. Now, please know, I despise all things Marvel (almost as much as all things DC). Superhero shit is just not my thing. I'm sorry. But this? THIS? I don't even know what this is. It's .... I mean... it's just fucking ass-rippingly and heart-meltingly WONDERFUCKINGFUL. Truly. Not since the show LOST have I found myself trying to will the week to pass faster so I can see the next installment. Maybe True Detective season 1 had a little bit of that pull for me, and Season 3, okay, sure. Better Call Saul kind of. But this? This shit right here? I mean... 

I sort of vaguely read the plot...

Sounds intriguing!
Looks like some kinda weird Dr. Manhattan meets I Love Lucy meets Bewitched...

I've only looked at it muted, I am just not ready to take the leap to watching it yet, lmao.

Something about these super old, vintage shows being modernized and parodied in the same breath is inherently unsettling.

If I get past it, I'll let you know!!!
I just dunno, that's all I'm sayin'.
(02-20-2021, 06:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I just dunno, that's all I'm sayin'.

Every episode the sitcom world advances ten years, so it's only Bewitched for the second episode. 

Whatever that thing is that is so appealing about Carol Burnett or AHS -- it's like kitsch juxtaposed to the human condition (?) -- is very present in Wandavision. 

The recreation of golden age sitcoms alone is worth the price of admission, and Kathryn Hahn, who fucking kills as Wanda's "friendly neighbor", is going to have every hole in her body filled with an Emmy. As will, I suspect, Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, and somehow manages to absolutely nail every female lead in every sitcom you can think of, dating back fifty years, all while maintaining a thread of who her 'real character' is (a powerful witch trapped in an illusion and unable to fully regain her conscious mind, blah-blah-blah-marvel comics), and I really just can't even imagine what that would require from an actor. 

Two of the things I like about it the most are: the absurd amount of creativity on display, and the fact that the cast is very clearly loving every minute of production. I love to see that, where actors are just on fire because they are in love with the script, and the premise, and the set pieces, and the level of production and care, etc.

The only unfortunate thing about it, in my estimation, is that it is connected to Marvel Comics, but I find that this world within a world is so beautifully and surreally realized that it's easy to just ignore whatever references are made to that larger context, and view it as a thing unto itself.
@Mo - Man, though. It's hard to know if you'll like it. I'm thinking about your taste... I feel safe in saying that you'll at least love the Agnes character, especially in later episodes. This show is vying with Righteous Gemstones for "best series I've seen so far in 2021" (Gemstones came out last year but I was late to the party).
Evan. Fucking. Peters.

... is in it, in the latter episodes.

Evan and Emma whateverherface broke up like two years ago, so that gaping void of a pock is gone. Yes, he has had an even more nad-reducing relationship since then. But... now? He's 34, single, and helping his 10 year-old twin nephews steal Halloween candy in Wandavision.
Wow. The penultimate episode is so fucking bad that I now regret this entire thread. It's like the Marvel Corporation stepped in and said "this is all just way too creative for the people; let's have an hour split between CGI-drenched superwitch battles and extraneous exposition. Six episodes of pure joy is enough. We've only got two episodes left, so get all the creative people the fuck out of here and let's shit all over this thing, marvel style. Go go go!"
I have to say... the penultimate episode plays much stronger on the second viewing. Once I got over being butthurt that they had come out of the sitcom format and into "reality", I was able to invest a little more deeply. Also, it is definitely the most witchy episode, so it's got that going for it.
I was gonna try to watch this show, but apparently it's on Disney+ whatever that is and I don't think it's free. I'll check it out when it comes to Netflix or something like that, but it does look like an enjoyable show.
(03-02-2021, 05:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I was gonna try to watch this show, but apparently it's on Disney+ whatever that is and I don't think it's free. I'll check it out when it comes to Netflix or something like that, but it does look like an enjoyable show.

They kind of make it look like you have to order all three services (Hulu + ESPN), but you can just get Disney for $7 a month after taxes; it's not contractual so you could technically spend $7 and have full access for a month and then cancel before the next month. Also you get two full seasons of Baby Yoda...  (Aka "The Mandalorian"), which is worth about $7 an episode, really. It's not only cinematic-quality eye candy, but it bleeds human condition.


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