Matthew McConaughey's YouTube Channel - Review & Commentary
~1:11:00 lmao this old dude cracks me up, you can tell he used to voice the commercials for the furniture store back in the day, LOL!!!
I gotta get the right timestamp on this once it's aired... that was pretty epic.
Wonder if they'll scrub the livestream chat once it's over?? Wonder if it'll be one of those vids that doesn't have the livestream chat replay available??

I bet that's what happens because there is a lot of relentlessly stupid shit in this chat due to the fact that there is no moderation, Slow Mode, or any other attempt at management.

Maybe the best strategy really is to ignore the livestream chat entirely?


That's interesting, never thought of it that way before!
I meant the uploaders can ignore it, not the actual members of the chat.

But the chat before the show isn't recorded, and the livestream chat can be hidden once the video has aired, I'm pretty sure uploaders have that option.

So the chat is basically the wild wild west of the internet in an open state like that.

It's VERY fun.

As always, chatrooms are one of the funnest things about the internet and one of the oldest, most foundational aspects of the internet.

I prefer message boards, but chatrooms are so great. They take up way too much time, but they are great.
He's talking to Joe Rogan right now and giggling like a lil girl. It sounded super fangirly to me. Matthew must be a Joe Rogan fangirl.
Lmfao this Casey chick who comes on right after Joe Rogan...

She's like "Yeah Matthew called me on an Unknown number late one night." ROFLMFAOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Sigh. I dunno, this is hardcore wholesome.

SUPER wholesome.

This is...

On some real shit.

I had no idea this is what it would be like.
I'm still not sure what's up with all this fundraiser business...

$185k right now, which is not bad at all.

I mean it's a pretty decent turnout.

It's maintained ~50k this whole time.
So here's what I'm thinking...

He's doing this because he IS gonna run for office etc. and this is his SANITIZED "look at the good thing I did" stunt.

What if his WHOLE channel is gonna be like this??


Hmmm, well I still wanna give him the benefit of a doubt.

~560k subs.
This has been very interesting.

We're seeing an old-guard celeb use their own name branded YouTube channel debut for a fundraiser, in the same hand promising to deliver some philosophical material too.

These are the ULTIMATE numbers that an individual famous person can have, basically.

And Matt is wildly famous, EVERYONE knows who that guy is... so most other celebs wouldn't even pull these good numbers.
Wow this is some feel-good shit right here.

This guy just donated $500k.
This Marcus guy says this whole thing was Camila's idea...

And Matthew agrees. That's his wife!
Well. I've learned some things today, I gotta tell ya.
(03-21-2021, 08:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Wow this is some feel-good shit right here.

This guy just donated $500k.

Holy fuck! Nice.
There was a young lady playing a country tune that had a pink capo, so adorable. I think she was about two spots after Willie. Something about the totally pure signal emitting from her hit me. Actually, there were several points where I felt my heartstrings being tugged on throughout, so either I'm evolving, because this kind of stuff used to nauseate me, or Matthew and friends just got it right, kept it authentic instead of fake.
This Post Malone guy is apparently a big draw and what a lot of people were waiting for I guess.

Interested to see what happens to the viewer count after his performance. I am not listening with headphones BTW. Literally no sound right now because I've never heard a Post Malone song and I don't wanna start now, no offense, nothing personal.
Looks like the show is wrapping up and it's at $225,000 and ~44k viewers.
The numbers were pretty good, I was impressed. This wasn't a flop or a fail or a letdown.
It's over... well that was pretty wild.

I had a great time doing that for hours.

It was a nice chat and really enjoyed some trolling.

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