Matthew McConaughey's YouTube Channel - Review & Commentary

This channel appears to have been started as a fundraiser for Texas.

Not sure how much he really intends to use the platform...

I hope to see him do "real" videos that he films himself and just talks some real shit.

Sort of like Russell Brand, but not as... I dunno, just not. Just not exactly. I don't really watch Russell's vids, though I have seen maybe a dozen or so of his vids over the years.

Hollywood is doornail dead and it's a good idea for Matthew (a seemingly fairly cool and chill dude) to come on the platform and make an effort to actually be a part of the future, to actually relate to other people on a wide scale.

If he embraces and does his level best to be part of the internet entertainment scene (the only future there is for entertainment/ex-hollywood people) then he needs to start now so he can get out ahead of the fallout which will eventually encompass ex-hollywood people.

Not saying it'll save him ultimately... we all know every single hollywood person is blackmailed to the extreme. But if his dirt isn't too bad once it comes out (if it comes out), then he may be able to forge a future for himself in internet entertainment so that he won't die outcasted and homeless or something.

As far as the success of his channel, if he just uses it to funnel money, it won't be very useful or successful. But if he uses it to actually communicate with people, to actually show people who the fuck Matthew is and what HE'S actually about...

Then it will be successful.
(03-21-2021, 10:39 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But if he uses it to actually communicate with people, to actually show people who the fuck Matthew is and what HE'S actually about...

And you guys know how I feel about this...

All these hollywood/super famous puppets have no identity or thoughts of their own whatsoever -- they're not allowed to.


So I am not holding my breath for Matthew to make "real" videos.

But if he does, and he doesn't get too political or try to shove his political views (I'm sure they're completely retarded) down our throats, his content might be watchable. It might even be likable.
And apparently he's gonna run for TX governor too.

I think it's dumb and will just stand in the way of any REAL shit he could do...

But whatever, celebrities gonna celeb and not actually do anything legitimate, ever.

You know how it is.
If someone is running for political office, the last thing you can ever expect out of them is to do/say something genuine, legitimate, and with the focus of actually making connections with people.

Wish I had known he was doing a governor run before I started this thread...

Definitely nothing to look forward to out of his channel.
My guess is his fake shit will go over like a lead balloon on YouTube... lmao.

He thinks he can just waltz in, make a YouTube channel SOLELY FOR THE FOCUS OF FUNDRAISING, then walk off with everybody's money without delivering so much as a pile of shit?

No, it will not ultimately be successful.
God these people are idiots.
There's literally not a single worthy, useful son of a bitch in all of the old-guard hollywood sphere...

Literally not a single one.

No thoughts of their own, no individual will, nothing. Pure puppetry.

Very boring...

It is all dying and no one cares about it anymore.

Matthew is a likely fail right out of the gate in this internet cross-over attempt...

Maybe he is just too old to be able to make the jump.

Hoping some of the younger hollywood tards will grow an individual will and make themselves a success in the internet sphere by offering something real to us rather than just using their fame for "fundraising"... as if.
Disgusts me.
Lmao, guys...

I have a feeling I'm gonna get blocked by the Matthew YouTube channel...


And not even because I'm gonna try...

Just because if I say ANYTHING, it's gonna be way too intense, and I can tell I've attracted attention with what I've said already...

Nevermind, I just tried to say something scandalous but instead I just ended up saying something friendly about Texas.

Ah well, I'm so nice, it was silly to think I could have been a troll...

You know, I will say this though...

I do respect the concept behind Matt's "Just Keep Livin' Foundation"...

It's a very simple concept, doesn't imply anything other than simply continuing to live another day, gnomesayin'?

I think that's pretty cool at its core essence, on its face as it were...

Probably one of the better celebtard foundation concepts.
Ahaha, man you know what...

I can see why the celebtards fear coming over to the land of the living...

They're pretty unprotected on this 'wild wild west' type of frontier online and they have to actually have some grit/fortitude to survive the process.

By the look of Matt, you'd think he'd be the type of fucker who could do it, but alas he's merely a model/actor. Who knows if he even likes this shit!
Hmmm. I just scrolled up in the livestream chat and there are some pretty hardcore embarrassing demands of marriage and the like from some chick who is crazier than me...

It's not super often that I'm not the craziest mofo in a chatroom but I guess that's what a live broadcast/premier is gonna be like on the MM channel, bahaha.

I definitely will not be around when this video actually goes live, which I guess the chatroom will probably be moving pretty fast by that time... so I am not competing in the biggest weirdo competition.

I am curious to see what kinda numbers this channel pulls during its big occasion, with ~540k subs at the moment and currently ~450 waiting in livestream chat 4+ hours out from premier.
You know, it's been a while since I've taken some time to sit down and troll the internet...

This feels good!

Feels right!
And by the way, like...

I haven't actually watched ANY of the videos on this channel so far, lmao!

Shit, I should do that.

Okay I watched the first one, onto the second.

Ah shit, well the first bit of this video so far is explaining what he's (supposedly) planning to do with the channel, which SOUNDS LIKE everything I said I wanted, but...

TBH, who knows how much he'll really fulfill on that front. And does he owe us? No. But he owes it to himself.

0:38 wow this dude is a fuckin' DORRRRRRRRRRK. Hahaha, love it. See I knew he wasn't really a cowboy under there, he's just a dork! Which is fine. I like dorks and nerds.

I'll tell you this...

I will never believe anything truly genuine or worth an honest fuck will ever come of this channel, and why do I say that?

Because if he's running for office, that means his shit will probably be overly produced trite nonsense that toes every line imaginable and never shares anything DEEP, true, or really personal. Why? Cuz such things can be thrown back at you when you're running for political office.

THAT is how I know nothing truly useful (not even on the level of Russell Brand) will come from this channel.

And I think that is a shame.

Matthew has a lot of potential (or so it would seem) for good story telling (TRUE stories), DEEP personal REAL insight (backed up by experience), and a general ability to reach out to people almost like a friend, through the internet. He is good at those things in real life (or is it all just BS and he really isn't?) and he seems pretty charismatic.

Is he really gonna waste that potential on politics?? It just seems so sad.
That 'Welcome to My Channel' video is what all his channel videos should look like...

It's not super high quality HD on some kinda stuffy set.

Looks super casual and not overpowering, just looks like a normal video.

That's how they should look...

Totally perfect just that way.

So it looks like this is a concert set or something...

The video is just premiering tonight, it's already been recorded...

That's how I understand it to be.

So these videos with this background and whatnot are probably at the concert location.

But this type of production quality is an excellent example of what we don't wanna fucking see on this channel in the future...

Let me just be very frank about that.

Obligatory Texas pride collage video featuring a bunch of people I've mostly never heard of, kthx next.

Well I just watched this and I think all in all, Matthew is one crafty son of a bitch...

From what I can see here, he seems to rub more brain cells together than your typical celebtard.

Wonder what his deal really is? Is there any chance that he'll tell us?


The world of hollywank and the old-guard cabal shit is just sooo stuffy and dismal. My God, it's so boring and sad.

Matthew has GOTTA break out of there, he's GOTTA.

He's done a few interviews to promote this concert, and those vids (put up by MSM channels) on YouTube get piss poor views.

Matthew's vids on his own channel have done better than that.

And so, you see...

People are over the media conglomerate telling them what to watch, what's cool, what's not...

They wanna see these public figures (celebs, etc.) present themselves to the world by their own hand.

Not on a flashy movie, not through publicists and managers.

People want some REAL shit and ain't ever gonna be satisfied with that distant, standoffish bullshit that defined the hollyweird era.

Give us real, or just fuck off...

That is the collective mantra of the internet, and I am telling you this as a child of the internet. LOL.

This is the future and it is what it is...

In order to make it to the other side, you gotta make it to the other side.
~800 waiting, ~3 hours out.
~544K subs now.

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